Safety and Security devices

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Sound Eye
Sound Eye

Non-Intruisive device to monitor emergency situations and send an alert when required.

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Lechal Insoles

Insoles which provides navigation assistance and tracks fitness of users. It uses haptic or vibratory feedback and GPS technology to guide its users to the required destination.

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GTX Corp
GPS Smart Sole

GPS smart sole is exclusive craftsmanship for elders or those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, kids & adults with Autism, vet & athletes with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or anyone who requires superintendence. The device is embedded with procedural memory and ergonomic GPS in the sole which makes it an invisible wearable tracker.

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Blueair Sense+ Smart air purifier

Smart air purifier that is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely using an app. It monitors the air quality and removes impurities in the air inside your home.

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Air Touch S8 AIr Purifier

This is a Wifi enabled automatic air purifier with smart filters and intuitive touch controls.

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Active Protective
Hip Airbag

Smart hip protection device for senior adults in the form of a belt that automatically deploys an airbag over the hip when a fall is detected.

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Proactive hip protection belt

This is an unpretentious wearable belt that immediately comes into action when the sensors indicate a fall to provide proactive protection to hips.

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Motion-activated toilet night light

Lights that transform any regular toilet into a night light. The lights are activated when it senses motion in vicinity. It's ideal for elderly as it prevents falls at night when searching for the bathroom.

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Magnifier Floor Lamp

A freestanding floorlamp with a large magnifying glass attached on its neck. Suitable for elder and people with low or impaired vision.

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ezTWO Senior Cell Phone

Cell phone designed for seniors with a 24/7 response agent who has access to medical information, emergency contacts and who will dispatch emergency services.

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Walk in Bath tubs

Jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs offers a personalized bathing experience to the people with mobility concerns and elderly.These tubs are specially designed to make your overall bathing experience pain and stress-reducing one apart from ensured safety and personal independence.