Rehab devices

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Valedo Back Therapy Kit

Valedo Back Therapy kit is a smart device that combines gaming with back exercises. It is a fun way to exercise back muscles while enjoying games.

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Smartable (Rehab-Robotics)

It is a computer based rehabilitation system for users who need assistance with their cognitive abilities. The touch screen system allows users to play a series of games that helps them with the needed development.

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Lumo lift

Wearable posture trainer that needs to be worn below the collar bone and provides a feedback through gentle vibrations when the user's posture needs to be corrected.

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Wheelchair Cushions Kit

Drive has come up with specially crafted ergonomically designed wheelchair cushions for the seat and back to ensure that the users do not compromise on their comfort and posture correction while using their products. Drive believes in providing specialized services to special people.

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Robotic apparel

It enhances the ageing muscles of elders to help them maintain proper posture

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Robotic Tail

Improves the user's body balance and agility

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Urban Poling
Activator Poles

Alternative to walking sticks, these are specialised poles that help the elderly to increase mobility and balance.