Technology is ever-progressing force that has been upgrading with how people and businesses work. Knowing this, TechYourSpace looks at making life easier with the intervention of technology and Internet of Things in various aspects of living. Experience a serene lifestyle by automating your home and office with TechYourSpace - an online hub of automated products and services for space automation, be it home, office or public places.

TechYourSpace introduces ideal choices to people for a smart living. Through its two wings - TechYourHome and TechYourOffice - we showcase smart, robotic and IoT products and a list of qualified interior designers that offer holistic support in creating smart homes and offices.

Products are carefully curated to ensure higher standards of safety and comfort in your living besides significantly saving your cost, time and energy.

While, service providers introduced here are capable to provide you one or more of the following:

  1. Consultation for home/office automation,
  2. Advice on compatibility of specific smart products with existing hub systems
  3. Installation of smart products, integrating IoT’s and provide maintenance services in relation to the products.

This online platform not only showcases the products and services but also aims to provide the consumers a virtual boutique experience. With the help of augmented reality, our vision is to take you for a walk through the virtual rooms to explore new products placed in a home or office space.

With TechYourSpace, the product suppliers, manufacturers, interior designers, consumers and university research groups can connect with each other to facilitate as much information sharing as possible. Be it a general inquiry or an innovative/creative research discussion through blog, the platform will have them all.

TechYourSpace provides a unique advantage to suppliers, manufacturers and retailers with its wide reach to their target market. If you are a supplier, let us connect to discuss how we can work together and showcase your automated products to those who may be looking out for them. Email us a good time for a meet-up and we will be right there!

Season up your lifestyle with various flavors of TechYourSpace and sophisticate your routines with functional safety granted.