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What Is The Significance of Air Purifiers for Elders

TEC Editor August 21, 2019

Our elders don’t indulge in outdoor activities as much as we do, but still, they are more susceptible to or are more prone to respiratory issues as compared to us. All this is because our elders are less immune to the viruses and bacterias present in form of air impurities.

Air impurities are such tiny hindrance in our fresh way of living that it’s almost invisible through our naked eyes. For this basic reason, we need the support of technology in form of air purifiers to ensure that the air which is breath by our family members, especially elderly and kids is devoid of any sort of harmful impurities like dust, pollen or others. Let’s discuss in points why our elders need air purifiers after all:


Elderly people have spent major years of their life without air purification measures

Logically our elders have spent more number of years on this planet than us, which makes their number of days of exposure to polluted air( considering there were no purifiers initially) many more. As a result, their physical resistance to the pollutants has diminished to a major extent, making them more vulnerable to respiratory concerns like asthma, bronchitis, etc. But as technology has a solution to this air pollution, today, we as the caregivers of our elders should make use of air purifiers to ensure that every molecule of year our elders’ breath is a pure one.

Elders are less immune to germs

Considering the deteriorating medical condition of our elders, every bit of care needs to be taken to ensure that the air our elders breathe is a purified one. Or this makes use of air purifiers which are equipped with HEPA filtration, UV filtration and carbon filtration. Poor air quality not only affects the respiratory system of elders but also tends to deteriorate the pre-existing health condition related to diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

There are numerous air purifiers available in the market, but there are few mandates which need to be followed while making the purchase for an air purifier, especially for elders. These essentials can be listed as:


First thing first

Before you are out in the market to make the final deal of the air purifier or even when you are about to order one online, there are few things which you should know as part of your homework.

  • Measure the size of your room, in which you plan to have the air purifier.
  • Have a clear idea as to which kind of air purifier you want- a portable one or a static one
  • Filter out the purifiers with ionizers or UV light. They are a big no for elderly and kids.

Air purifier certification

The AHAM(Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) certified purifiers have certification stamped to them for their ability to clean the tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen from the room they are placed in. Although many of the well known branded air purifiers also do not follow the essentials of certification, the presence of it ensures good quality deliverable. The other form of certification is Chinese certification which can be found in Xiomi air purifiers.

Type of air filter

There are five types of filters like HEPA filters or air cleaner which is made up of foam, fibreglass, cotton, and other particle trappings material. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air is the most commonly used filter in home air purifiers. The other forms of filter are ionizers and ozone generators, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filter and UV light filters. Every unique kind of filter purifies the air in its unique specific manner. Often brands come up with purifiers that have a combination of two or three types of filters. Also, there are purifier variants available in the market which has washable pre-filter. Presence of pre-filters improves the shelf life of the product.

Air filter performance

Air purifier performance is measurable in terms of its area covered, Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and Air Changes Per Hour (ACH). ACH measure the number of times the specified area air is cleaned and filtered on an hourly basis. Areas with high pollution level should opt for models which have ACH as four or above.

So, to inhale purified air with 99.9 per cent impurities filtered, air purifiers have become a mandate for every household where elders are a priority for their caregivers and kids. Visit our listing of elderly-friendly air purifiers for evaluating your options before final purchase.