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What All a Consumer Needs To Know About Stairlift

TEC Editor August 29, 2019

How much does a stairlift cost?

What are the types of stairlifts?

What are the features of a stairlift?

All of the above and many more such queries related to stairlifts often drive through our minds when we as prospective users of stairlifts plan to own one for our elderly family members. So here is an answer to almost all your queries related to this product.

What is a stairlift?

A stairlift is an assistive device for the people who experience mobility or balance issues because of any reason and hence face difficulty in climbing up or moving down the stairs. Its two main parts are a chair or platform ( which can be selected as per the need) and a track.

What are the different kinds of a stairlift?

Depending on the factors like staircase height and width, presence of landings on way of stairs, curved or straight stairs, stair material, the weight of the user, etc the stairlifts can be categorized as:

Standard or straight track stairlift

As the name suggests its the most basic kind of stairlift equipped with all the essentials and it takes the individual up and down the stairs. It is fir for straight inhouse stairs. It is equipped with all the main features like automatic switch control but is devoid of any additional features. It’s appropriate for people with simply limited mobility concern and for those who are of standard body-weight.

Curved Stair Lifts

As the name suggests its best fir for stairs which have curves in their built. As compared to the standard stairlifts these are more heavily priced because of the specialization and customization available. The product is completely customized with the help of a computer to well fit the stairs of your home. Rest all aspect like sitting chair and movement control is standardised.

Split Staircase Systems

As the name suggests this kind of lift is for the stairs which have a split in between. Split here refers to a plateau zone in between. Technically there are two stairlifts installed- one before the split and one after. The user simply needs to shift from the chair to another.

High Capacity Stair Lifts

It supports the bodyweight up to 272 kgs and also comes with a 90-degree swivel seat for safety and comfort.

Grease Free Stair Lifts

In general, all the stairlifts require proper greasing after every hundred days approximately to ensure its smooth functioning. But then there are other kinds of stairlifts that come under the category of grease-free stairlifts for ease of use and maintenance. Example of such lifts is Medallion and Nautilus models.

Cargo-Chair Lift Combos

Call it a cargo chair lift combo or a convertible stairlift. Depending on the need one can either make use of it for transporting furniture or luggage by placing it on a platform or can use it for the movement of an individual by sitting on the chair.  It can be operated remotely.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Not much different from the inhouse machines, the outdoor stairlifts are more sturdy to withstand the external environmental pressure. These lifts are mainly for people who require movement through stairs to reach their garden, lobby or parking. Such stairlifts come equipped with safety.


If cost is a major concern for you, you can smartly opt for used or refurbished stairlifts. There are several brands who deal in used or refurbished stairlifts apart from the brand new one. Apart from a few external superficial wear and tear, the functioning and usage-related features of the product areas intact as the new ones.

How do the stairlifts function?

Stairlifts or chairlifts as some people call it moves along the track installed parallel to the stairs, with the help of a motor. The motor of a stairlift is automatically recharged on a continuous basis to ensure that it never does stop in the mid of the track.

The stairlifts are either controlled by a toggle or a joystick and in some cases via remote too. Once the user is seated on the chair, he/she needs to direct the joystick and the movement will start

Why is a stairlift needed at all? 

Stairlifts are needed to and by:

  • Individuals who are patient to multiple sclerosis or arthritis.
  • A person who has had hip replacement surgery.
  • Anyone with post-operation mobility concerns.
  • An elderly person who has concerns related to balancing and mobility.

What are the benefits related to the stairlifts?

  • Helps elderly people age in place without any dependence on others. Elderly individuals can easily move up and down the stairs seated on a chairlift with ease, safety and comfort.
  • It develops a level of self-dependence on others.
  • Eases the elderly people of the stress of climbing up and down the stairs.
  • Stairs no longer remain a concern for relocating the current house or modifying the existing one.
  • Ease of use and storage
  • Ensures you of long term profitable investment

What all features are to look for while going for its purchase?

What is the approximate pricing of a stairlift?

It is difficult to quote one single price of a stairlift because the pricing is dependent on several factors like:

  • The brand name
  • Grease free stairlift or not
  • The type of seat attached
  • Track length
  • Straight or curved track
  • Split staircase or not
  • Level of customization and personal accessorization involved
  • The warranty type and period
  • Chargeable or not

What are the trending brand names in stairlifts category?

  1. Acorn Stairlifts
  2. AmeriGlide Accessibility Solutions
  3. Bruno
  4. Handicare
  5. Harmor
  6. Stannah
  7. Hoveround


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