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Valedo – Tech solution for backache

TEC Admin October 19, 2018

About the Product

Valedo is a pair of wearable sensors designed for users suffering from lower back problems. When linked to the Valedo App on an Android or iOS device, it helps in training and strengthening of the back to reduce or prevent pain.

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Concept and Design

The wearable sensors are a combination of an accelerometer, a gyrometer and a magnetometer. These sensor pods get a complete 3-dimensional perspective of the user’s motion across nine different vector movement angles and accelerations. Each sensor needs to be charged for 45 minutes, after which it is expected to run for about 10 hours.

Sensors connect to the Valedo App via Bluetooth. The App has around 50 games or exercises. These exercises are categorised by the target muscle. The exercise can be chosen based on the position in which they are to be performed like standing, sitting or lying down.

Use and Performance

Sensors need to be stuck to the users’ body using medical grade double-sided tape – one sensor on the lower back and other on the centre of the upper chest. The app comes as a help here, giving clear steps and instructions along with diagrams. Next, the sensors need to be linked to the Valedo app on the user’s smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. User can now navigate through a range of games/exercises.

The user can set their goal in the app, such as improved balance or range of stretching. The improvements will be tracked and reported regularly. The app also warns the user if any of the movements are not performed correctly.

The manufacturers recommend training routine of 20 minutes per day to experience a notable difference in pain/comfort.

The Good

  • Helps strengthen muscles involved with lower back pain
  • No need to wear the device at all times (like some other fitness or rehab devices)
  • The sensors are lightweight and so does not come in way of exercising
  • Impressive colours and animations in the games
  • The sensors are very sensitive, picking up even small movement angles and accelerations
  • Multiple user profiles can be created on the app

The Bad

  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Sticking of sensors and pulling them off might be a pain especially for people with hair on back and chest


Valedo is one of its kind rehabilitation device. It might seem expensive at first, but in the long run you can save on physiotherapy costs. We say so, because the exercises you do with the help of Valedo as very close to the ones that you might do at your physiotherapist. So, overall, not a bad deal! In fact might be well worth the investment.