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Transformations In The life Of Elders With Google Nest

TEC Editor August 14, 2019

Senior living is undoubtedly one of the most buzzing target markets for the technologically inclined corporate giants like Google Nest, Smartthings, Ecobee and more. And the thoroughly customized requirement of the audience belonging to this target market further makes it more challenging for these corporates to come up with niche products which are specially curated to mould as per the needs of the grey-haired studs and beauties belonging to this target group. For this purpose, our subject of study in this blog; i.e Google Nest has taken effective measures to fit into the jigsaw lifestyle of these elders in a way, that their living is made more comfortable, more safe, more interactive and most importantly more enthusiastic.

Although all efforts are being made by Google Nest to come up with products curated to meet the specific needs of this niche group of the target audience; the final results of these efforts are yet to walk the red carpet of the technologically dominated market. But the powwow does not end here. Google Nest even today has products in its artillery which although were not conceived and crafted especially for elders, can still be applicable in concocting their life for betterment.


Google Nest CamIndoor has all the features on looks for when concerned about the safety and security of elders at home. Since the cam is charged through plug-in power the caregiver is breached from the stress of the cam turning off when the batteries are dead. The cam notifies or all the undesirable sounds and movements on the smartphone of the caregivers. Because of its inbuilt mic and speaker feature, the elders at home can always interact with their respective children or caregivers in time of need or when they feel like. There are so many smart security cam options by Goggle Nest, so choose wisely.


All the products belonging to the category of home assistance are equipped with Google Assistant, which further simplifies and upgrades their functionality a lot. For example, its Google Home Max can be used by adults for their entertainment after you have added a playlist of their favourite songs to it. It Google Nest Hub max is a tool to connect the loved ones over video and audio anytime anywhere from the comfort of their home. Here is yet again another list of comparable home assistance products by Google Nest, which you might purchase as per the need of elders at your place.


The Energy Star certified Nest Learning Thermostat customizes the settings of room temperature as per your requirement. So no more cold shivers or humid restlessness for our elders. Within a week this smart thermostat by Nest is ready to equip itself to the lifestyle of your dear elders. Here is a smart comparison of the smart thermostat options by Nest to ensure you choose wisely.


Google Pixelbook is considered as one of the best Chromebooks for elders. They can use it in the form of laptop, tablet or in standing mode while watching the recipes and cooking simultaneously. It is thin, lightweight, its keys shine in dark and have long battery life. Perfect choice for your elders who love to mould themselves to the trending technological advancements.

Just imagine! 

If Google Nest can be of so much assistance to our elders with its existing (non specifically designed) products, then just think, how mammoth will be the inventions etched especially for the grey-haired individuals by this brand. So keep yourself tuned to all the trending details specific to elders on and who knows that no sooner a piece of current news on the latest inventions by Google Nest will steal your heart and mind.