Assisted Living

The Touch Of Love And Care For Our Seniors By Genie

TEC Editor September 11, 2019

A smile to respond to and a touch of care to feel is all that an elderly individual desires to have in the ageing days of his or her life. And since technology has deep-rooted itself in the elderly care segment to a large extent, its time to explore and let the world know what all wonders the tech innovations can make in fulfilling these basic desires of the grey-haired individuals.

To be specific, here I would be talking about my new acquaintance who is as magical in its acts as it is wonderful. Say Hi to “Genie” the robot. A specifically curated artificial intelligence blooded robotic genius Genie is like spine support for elders who wish to and love to, age in place.

If loneliness and isolation are the thorns which you fear will prick the happy and independent living of your elders, then Genie the robot is your rescuer. In return for a small amount of monthly fee, Genie brings in companionship, connection and support in the ageing life of the elders.

With it’s user-friendly and instinctive voice response system, Genie has been successful in rendering the much-needed connectivity and support to the elders.


  • One can easily chat with Genie, ask it questions and also ask it to play music or videos
  • Genie is like the magic wand which easily connects the user to his/her family members through video calls. It can also establish video calls with service care representatives and caretakers.
  • Genie is equipped with AI and hence it very quickly accustoms itself to the likes and dislikes of its user. It stimulates the content as per the individual’s preference thus keeping the individual active and engaged.
  • Genie also connects multiple Genie users on the basis of categorised likes and dislikes.
  • If your elderly person forgets his/her medicine on time, Genie will remind them for timely medication, and health or well being related appointments.
  • Genie can communicate in two languages: English and Mandarin
  • It can easily be updated with Android-driven programmes, games and software for elders
  • It is also a big-time entertainer as it can dance on YouTube videos
  • It acts as an alarming device when the red button on its head is pressed. The red button on being pressed sends an alert to the caregiver for any needed emergency.

Few facts

  • Genie is the brainchild of Rob Parkes and Tim Morgan
  • The other support features of Genie as provided by Service Robotics Limited are:
  • It has partnered with the leading software developer of UK titled via application titled Remind Me Care. The smart app of this software provides personalized support and care to the elderly and people with dementia. 

So once connected to WiFi, Genie is all ready to accompany the elders in their routine life, like a real-life companion. Apart from its functionality, the cute and appealing aesthetics of this robot makes it a choice of multiple grey-haired individuals