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The best of smart kitchen gadgets for the elderly chef

TEC Editor July 16, 2019

After an informative and sagacious content on How to modify the kitchen for elderly chefs, I am here to minister you with the elderly safe kitchen tools and gadgets. Although I do not discord the choice of our smart grey-haired chefs to try out their culinary skills in the kitchen, I do insist on the fact that they should opt for the tools which are specially crafted for them and hence are safe and convenient to execute the task. So here is my bit of assistance to these elderly actively boosted chefs in form of the list provided here below:


Automatic jar opener

Opening the jars and lids is not always as easy as it seems to be. Often the effort required is so much that the person is inclined to give up. But not anymore with this automatic jar opener, which is of great assistance to elders and especially the people with arthritis. No physical strength but a simple push of a button and tada the jar/ bottle stands open. It can easily open the jar or bottle of any size or diameter.


Smart food scale

Smart food scale like GKILO which can easily act as a chopping board too. Its LED numbers display the weight. Elders when referring to the recipe books precisely, they want to measure even the smallest component of their dish accurately. Such internet-related smart chopping board hence is of immense worth to them.


Smart kitchen thermometer

Smart kitchen thermometer like Weber Kitchen Thermometer releases you of the stress of your dish getting overcooked or undercooked. With this Bluetooth-connected thermometer, one need not even stick around the cooktop for the entire cooking duration. The smartphone application will intimate you that the dish has reached the desired position and then you can take over to the workstation.


Internet-enabled smart pot

Designed to ease the life of elderly cooks in the kitchen and to support their call for independent living, make use of smart pot in the kitchen. With smart easy to use pots, all one needs to do is add the ingredients, and relax while keeping an eye on your smartphone which will update you with the entire cooking process.


Universal knob turner

The grip and strength of the elders tend to deteriorate with age, which often is a problem when they are unable to operate even the smallest knob movements. For this purpose, it is essential to keep a universal hand turner in the kitchen. This knob turner is of great comfort and assistance when the elderly person is required to turn the small or slippery knobs of microwave, oven or dishwasher.


Palm peeler

Palm peeler avoids an accident or slippage while peeling the vegetables and fruits. Its silicone grip palm handles very nicely nests in the pal of the user and provides ease of peeling without any fear. Also of use to people with arthritis.


Boil over safeguard

The fear of milk or water or any such thing on gas top often creates unwanted haste which sometimes proves to be accidental. But risks of such sort can never be taken with adults. So here it is, the boil over safeguard which ovoids any sort of mess on cooktop because of boilovers. These are silicon made and hence heat resistant.


Cut-resistant gloves

Cut-resistant gloves available in markets protects the hands of elders when they execute the task of cutting or chopping. So even if you hand shivers a bit while performing the work, you need not worry about any sort of cuts or marks.


Microwave oven rack guards

Often while placing a dish in a preheated oven, the hot racks of the oven tend to burn our hands. So make use of heat resistant oven rack guards to safeguard the delicate hands of our elders. Burn marks at his age hurt a lot and also recovers late.


The kitchen heat, sharp objects and boiling liquids are the phobias faced by many seniors who enter the kitchen either by choice or by option. Since many of these seniors have old age-related health issues, they can not execute tasks like the youth chefs. So to boost their potential and confidence to work independently and also to shield their fear, the above-mentioned gadgets are the prioritized components of the elderly chef smart kitchen. Many of these are small in size but their usage is quite big. If you feel there are more which can be added to the above list, do feel free to share with us and help those who need it the most.