Elderly Safety

Tech Upgrade: Home Safety Alarms For Elders Living Alone

TEC Admin November 30, 2018

Since we now live a fast-paced lifestyle, there are many occasions where we don’t have time to attend to the needs of our elders. Our workload and stress can sometimes distract us from our priorities of caring for our old loved ones.

Leaving seniors alone at home can cause a lot of worry for family members who are far away, since accidents could happen anytime and there’s no one around to help.

Luckily, we live in the modern age where we can supervise others through the screen of a device or in one touch of a button. Here are some advanced technological devices perfect for guarding our elderly:


Health Monitors

When seniors are left unattended, one of the major things that need constant monitoring is their health. Health issues like strokes can arise at any time and could cause panic and anxiety for family members who are far away.

Elderly monitoring devices, like the BodyGuardian Heart, actively track the safety of the individual every day. The device can monitor heart rhythm and respiratory rate. A gadget like this is perfect for seniors since warning signs can be detected early, and further heart or respiratory problems could be prevented.


Emergency Alert Systems

Unlike health monitors, medical alert systems can alert family members and care providers when a medical situation arises. These devices have pendants that can be carried around by your seniors and, with a push of a button, send an alert for emergency help.

Check out this medical device, the Home Guardian, a gadget that doesn’t require any landline telephone connection. The device will automatically connect to Medical Guardian’s 24/7 monitoring center if the individual is in any harm.

Whether your senior suffered from a dangerous fall or has a hard time breathing, medical alert systems are life savers and can provide quick medical assistance. A device like the Home Guardian will work well with health monitors and sensors that ensure the environment is safe for seniors.


GPS Tracking Devices

A tracking device is always handy, especially for the wandering kind of individual. Keeping one in case of an emergency is always a good choice. These devices are easily accessible through phones or tablets. Keep track of your loved ones with a tracking device anywhere, and you’ll never lose them again.

Sometimes older people with memory problems have a hard time knowing where they are. Such situations can cause family members serious anxiety and throw everyone into a panic. The GPS tracking devices for senior care was created to avoid falling into such a situation. These tracking devices help you keep track of your elders wherever they go.


Home safety devices

While your home is a safe place to leave your elderly, there are possible dangerous objects around the house like heavy or sharp objects. Slippery floors could especially be harmful to the elderly with sensitive and delicate bodies.

What would normally be okay for younger people may not be okay for elders anymore and this could lead to potential harm. Home safety devices like a security pole and an anti-scald attachment on your faucets can help reduce these unwanted circumstances.

Home safety devices are also useful for a variety of reasons. When our elders are left alone, they are at their most vulnerable. Use these kind of devices to watch over your elders if they’re left unattended.

For surveillance and watching from a distance, indoor cameras work best. Security cams can be accessed via phone, tablet, or computer. These devices are perfect for when you want to keep a close eye at your loved ones wherever you are.

When you want an immediate request for emergency assistance, try an automatic alarm system. This device is also handy if a burglar intrudes in your home, and you need to call the authorities in an instant.


Ensure the safety of your elders at home

Always prepare for the inevitable. When the situation arrives, remember to take advantage of the power of science and its greatest birth to technology. There are numerous types of devices you could choose from, all depending on preference and compatibility.

Reward your elderly with a few innovative and enhanced gadgets for everyday use. Assistive devices like the smart walking stick is mobile and compact for travelling, and also has a built-in MP3 player for the music-loving elder.

With the intelligence of our world’s greatest minds and by power of technological evolution, anything is possible. Technology has come a long way to give us fresh and advantageous ideas. Take care of your loved ones, even when you’re not around.