Elderly Safety

Startup: Basic home innovation for elderly care

TEC Admin February 8, 2019

Keeping our elderly safe should always be a priority. Even if we have other business to attend to, our elderly loved ones should be kept safe when we’re not around. They’re vulnerable to any kind of threat, from inside or outside. In this case, innovate your home with modern technology built specifically for the elderly.

There is a wide array of different devices made for elderly care. These devices or machines supervise, take care, and analyse an individual’s health conditions. Having one or two devices at your home should benefit you and your loved one. Here are a few basic home devices that could innovate your home.


Safety and security devices 

The main challenge of keeping our elderly safe is protecting them while we’re not with them. For working adults, this can be difficult since the average worker is away from home for 8 hours a day for 7 days a week. To compensate, installing a few safety and security devices should solve the problem.

One basic device that will innovate your home is a video monitoring Sound Eye. This non-intrusive device monitors emergency situations to send alerts. It’s fitted with long range sensors to detect motion and sound. A device such as this is useful for caretakers who are unable to attend to the needs of their elderly. The owner will be able to access a live video feed, and is installed with a two-way voice functionality to communicate with the elderly.

Another useful device is the hip airbag. This protective device for seniors functions in the form of a belt as it automatically utilises an airbag whenever a fall is detected. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. If the wearer falls, the hip airbag absorbs 90% of the impact, and should provide alerts to the caretaker in charge.


Alert systems

Keeping track of our elderly when we’re far away is our main priority. With these alert systems, caretakers should be able to track, record, and monitor their seniors even when they’re not around.

A perfect device to track the elderly is the alert watch. With this medical watch, you are able to track the location of the wearer. Tracking the location of the wearer is done via GPS. It also has a few features that are senior-friendly, such as being able to display the weather forecast, alerting the wearer for scheduled activities, and showing the time, date, and day of the week. The wearer is also able to communicate by sending messages. In case of an emergency, the wearer will be able to send alerts to the caretaker.

Another similar gadget is the lifestation medical alarm system. It functions similarly to an alert watch, but it has its own key features. This alarm system can be worn as a wristband or a pendant. In case of an emergency, the wearer should press the “help button”, and a notification should alert the caretaker. The “help button” is also waterproof, and the wearer will be able to communicate through the use of a built-in microphone and speaker.