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SmartDrive MX2 by Max Mobility: Keep calm and Move on!!

TEC Admin October 5, 2018

About the product

The Smart-Drive MX2 is an electric drive unit that can be connected to any normal wheelchair to give a much needed boost to help the user move over rough or uneven terrain. The wheelchair converts into an electric wheelchair that can drive up hills with ease.

Concept and Design

It acts as a fifth wheel attached at the rear of the chair. The powered wheel attachment holds the battery, which eliminates the need for a separate unit for battery. The device is controlled by a wristband worn by the user. The wristband connects to the main device through Bluetooth. It has buttons to switch on and off the device. There is also an option to switch between modes and a movement sensor that controls stop/go.

Battery and Charging

On a flat terrain, the device battery lasts up to 20km. More battery is consumed while driving uphill. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The device has 4 LED lights to indicate the level of charge in the battery. The device will beep and prompt you to recharge the battery when only 20% remains. The wristband can be charged using a USB cable and can run up to 2.5 hours once fully charged.

The Good

  • Light weight compared to other power assist devices
  • Smooth connectivity between the main device and the wristband
  • The device is quite powerful even on steep uphill terrain or indoor carpet flooring
  • Easy to install on any type of regular wheelchair
  • Decent battery life

The Bad

  • No brakes to reduce the speed especially when going downhill
  • The buttons on the wristband are quite small
  • Not suitable to be used during heavy rain
  • Recommended to be used only after training and practice keeping safety aspects in mind


The SmartDrive MX2 is a successfully developed assistive technology. However, it is recommended for users who are active with good responses and are skilled in driving around on a wheelchairs. It is not for users who are unable to manage the wheelchair on their own or have those who have a slow response time. It requires training and practice.