Elderly Safety

Safety and security devices for the elderly

TEC Admin February 22, 2019

We take good care of our elderly loved ones because we cherish them. But since most of us are hard-working adults who are busy with our personal lives, sometimes we’re given less time to attend to our seniors. Luckily, we live in a modern world with advanced technology.

Take care of your elderly relatives with these fine devices which are suitable for everyday use. They’re safe, compact, and easy to handle. Even when you’re not around your seniors, you’ll be able to supervise or assist them from a far-away distance.



Snapfon: ezTWO Senior Cellphone

Some seniors still have a hard time using modern-day mobile phones with all the built-in touch-screen features. With the Snapfon, a cellphone specifically designed for seniors, they’ll be able to conveniently use the device in no time.

The Snapfon is created like a classic mobile phone, almost similar to the Nokia 1110. It has big buttons to make it easier to use. Seniors will be able to hear better with the Snapfon’s enhanced volume. The Snapfon also has an SOS button in case of emergency; once it’s pressed, a notification will be sent to the family member or caretaker in charge.



Active Protective Airbag

Seniors are always prone to accidents like falling or tripping. It might a good idea to equip your senior with a hip protection airbag. It’s a wearable belt to protect the user from falls.

Like the airbags used in vehicles, the device will deploy an airbag once a fall is detected. The 3D motion detection technology allows the device to sense a fall in progress. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Seniors won’t have any discomfort wearing the airbag.

The hip protection airbag absorbs 90% of impact from a fall. It will send an alert notification to the family member or caretaker of the senior.



Sound Eye

Ever wanted to monitor your senior closely even when you’re far away? Place a Sound Eye in your home to supervise your senior wherever you’re at.

The video monitoring camera is built with long range sensors to detect sound and motion. It’s a non-wearable and non-intrusive device that doesn’t require any sophisticated instructions to use. All you have to do is plug it in and it will do its magic.

The Sound Eye has a two-way voice communication feature to constantly keep in touch with your senior. You can also sync the device to record daily activities.




Going to the bathroom at night can be dangerous, even for young adults. If it’s potentially dangerous for young adults, how about our seniors?

The Glowbowl is a night light for the toilet. It activates once motion is detected in its vicinity. Installing a night light for the toilet is not only useful for our seniors, but for anyone in general who will go to the bathroom at night. Searching for the bathroom at night will no longer be a problem.


Take care of your elderly loved ones the modern way. Whether you’re near or far away from your seniors, these safety and security devices will surely assist you in more ways than one.