Assisted Living

Rendever: No Stopping to Experience the Outside World!

TEC Admin September 21, 2018

Rendever is a virtual reality device designed for seniors or elders with restricted mobility to experience the outside world. Through a virtual reality platform, users can experience the thrill of a vacation such as hiking expedition or be a part of group functions such as weddings or parties.

Depression and loneliness amongst the elderly population is a major issue faced by both caretakers and assisted living facilities. By offering the ability to relive and revisit their favorite locations and memories, Rendever is trying to improve this. Elders no longer need to have the fear of missing out on aspects of lives which seemed unreachable due to their age.

Concept and Design:

Rendever’s concept combines the use of 3 main components – VR headsets (Samsung Gear VR), custom software, and a tablet. The tablet is used by caregivers to control the headsets and the custom software syncs the VR headsets together. This allows multiple users to experience together within the virtual environment that includes vacation getaways and events with family and friends. Rendever creates customized unique scenarios.

The Good:

The software can be customized based on individual needs of the user. As this is an experience giving device and every user has their own needs in terms of experience, the customization feature of Rendever really stands out amongst others.

Another interesting feature worth notice is that it is interactive. Multiple users can create groups and enjoy the experiences together.

The Bad:

While there is nothing bad about the product in terms of technology, design or performance, the only aspect that might be of concern is the price. Apart from the upfront payment of few thousands for the device itself, consumers also have to pay few hundred every month as a subscription fee to use its software and content.


Rendever can be tagged as a future of good aged care. Elderly patients with restricted mobility can experience outside world through virtual reality to fight depression and loneliness. This is not the first virtual reality solution developed for treating elderly depression but the unique customized experience it offers makes sure that it’s not just another movie for the user but a real personalized venture which actually has the desired effect on their brain. So, seems like the best in the market right now. Never know, what more we might get to see in future!