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Product Review: QardioArm

TEC Admin November 23, 2018

About the product

QardioArm is a smart blood pressure monitor with great looks and accuracy. We would call it the beauty with brains winner in the monitoring devices category. It is apt for people who need to keep track of their blood pressure and pulse readings on a daily basis eliminating the need to visit a medical practitioner every time. Its ability to sync with smart phone and perform analysis on results really makes it stand out from regular blood pressure monitors.

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QardioArm has a compact and sleek design giving it a very cool look. It is free from wires and tubes and the cuff wraps around a plastic rectangular cuboid available in 4 different colour options – red, white, blue and gold. Dimensions of the cuboid is 5.5×2.5×14 cm which is attached to the cuff which can accommodate arms that are between 22 and 37cm in circumference. The cuboid operates the pump and monitoring devices that measure user’s blood pressure and pulse.


Set up and Use

To use the gadget, user first needs to download the Qardio App, available for both Android and iOS. Within the app it is recommended to register, create a user login and personal account. Once the account is set up, the device can be paired with the app using Bluetooth.

The device now needs to be worn by the user on their upper arm with the cuboid over the inner side of the arm. Press the “Start” button and let the device do its job. The cuff inflates around the user’s arm to enable capture of oscillometric measurement of their blood pressure. The reading appears immediately on the app. Apart from blood pressure, pulse rate readings are also displayed. If any irregularity is detected, a warning message appears on the app screen.

For best results, it is recommended that you allow the device to take 3 readings and calculate and average of the three.

One feature that really stands out is the way the app stores and represents the historical data. It can be viewed in list format with various sorting options or in tabular format. Data can also be viewed as graphs if you wish to see trends over a period of time. The data can also be synched with the Apple Health App or Samsung’s S Health.

If you have a forgetful memory, the app will remind you to take your measurements on a regular basis or as per need.


The Good

  • Small in size which allows easy portability
  • QardioArm is quite fast. It takes around 30 seconds to complete a BP measurement
  • Readings can be shared easily via email to your doctor
  • Readings are immediately visible and stored on user’s smartphone
  • Supports multiple user profiles as well as a guest mode


The Bad

  • Difficult to set up without going through the manual
  • Some users face difficulty turning it off and on



We would recommend this smart blood pressure monitor to tech-savvy, style-conscious patients who require home BP monitoring. QardioArm provides the flexibility of sharing the data instantly with whoever needs to see the readings rather than the hassle of noting it down and visiting the medical practitioner to go through and analyse the readings.

You can purchase the QardioArm from Qardio’s online store.