Product Review

Product Review: NuEyes

TEC Admin January 4, 2019

About the Product

NuEyes is a pair of smart glasses that is lightweight, wireless, and voice-activated for people with low vision. These well designed glasses help those with visual conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa etc. It helps users to read, write, watch TV, recognise faces, and regain visual independence.


Concept and Design

NyEyes designed as eyeglasses is a powerful device offering a magnification level of 12 x. It is commendable that despite its small, compact and lightweight design, it is able to deliver this level of magnification.

There are three ways to control the glasses:

  1. The device has voice recognition technology that allows the glasses to be controlled through voice commands. To use this option, users need to make use of two small earplugs that can be magnetically attached to the arms of the glasses. The benefit of using this control is that the user’s hands remain free.
  2. It also has manual controls underneath the arms of the glasses for those who prefer the old ways.
  3. Another option of controlling these glasses is the wireless Bluetooth controller that has buttons on the top and can be worn on the user’s finger through a small finger strap.

NuEyes is basically a combination of smart glasses and custom software. A camera on the front in the centre (right above the bridge of the nose) of the blacked-out glasses acts as eyes. It captures images and projects them on the two lenses that combines to act as a single screen. Users can zoom in and out using the various control options mentioned above. It also allows users to change picture contrast and colors to suit their comfort. The glasses have built-in lights for reading or seeing in low light situations.

Another significant feature of the glasses is the OCR (Optical character recognition) to read out loud any printed text. The device quickly snaps a picture of the printed text and then reads it put. It also has a barcode scanner that works like any other barcode scanner. Glasses also lets you take pictures and record video.

Battery life is approximately 1 hour after full charge. Manufacturers provide a battery pack that can keep the glasses running for about 8 hours.


The Good

  • Lightweight with weight of only about 125 grams
  • Battery operated
  • Well designed


The Bad

  • Lining of bar code may be a bit difficult
  • Screen size could be bigger



We recommend NuEyes to people with low vision and those who do not feel comfortable being the odd one in the crowd. Its design lets users blend in with regular people out there and not make them conscious.