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Product Review: Lumo Lift

TEC Admin December 21, 2018

About the Product

A wearable fitness tracker that will be your posture coach. The device is worn on your upper torso and uses hardware sensors and algorithms to measure your body’s alignment. The device needs to be calibrated with your choice of posture every time you put it on and then the device helps you maintain the same by alerting you every time you deviate from that posture.

It tracks your posture and changes throughout the day. The app gives you a summary of how long you maintained the posture and how much you deviated from the same. It also acts as an activity tracker, counting steps, distance and calories burnt.

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Design and Concept

It has two parts:

  • The polycarbonate tracker, small in size, measuring about 44.5 x 25.4mm, is 12.7mm thick and weighs 11.5g, houses the internal components.
  • The magnetic plate that holds the tracker in place, clasped to your clothes.

The entire tracker acts as a button that you press to program or calibrate and use.

The Lift is available in three color options- white, black, and silver.

It comes with a magnetic charging cradle with two metal pins that connect to your tracker to charge it. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the device. Once charged, it lasts around five days. There is an LED light indicating the charging status.


How to Use

Download, install and open the app. Enter your demographics details such as weight, height, name and email address. Clip on the device about 1 inch below your collarbone, with the tracker against your skin or an undershirt and the magnet clasp on the other side to keep it in position. The sensor needs to be calibrated every time you change your position. Once, you are in a comfortable and upright position, you need to double tap the device and receive its acknowledgement in the form of a vibration. The device is now in the ‘Align Mode’. Every time you deviate from this position, it will alert you by vibrating so that you can correct your posture.

The app collates basic statistics on your activity (though not sleep and elevation). It gives a goal in terms of good posture hour you need to maintain. The app translates steps into distance (miles). The app’s ‘trends’ graph is a list of ‘good posture hours’. a weekly email telling me that my worst posture time


The Good

  • Encourages good posture by making you aware of your posture
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Small in size and lightweight (about 13 gms)
  • Decent five day battery life


The Bad

  • Senses the posture on the shoulder. So, if the shoulder is upright but the spine isn’t, Lumo Lift will be unable to tell. Thus, raising doubts on accuracy
  • Device uses magnet, so may not be suitable for those who use a pacemaker
  • Performance affected by user’s clothes



They say, “No amount of high fashion can make up for a lifetime of poor posture.” So, if you are much concerned about your posture and are unable to correct it naturally, the Lumo Lift will give you that little push you need. Especially recommended for elders who end up with sever back pain due to difficulty in maintaining a good posture. It does make your back feel better!