Product Review

Product Review: iTraq Location Tracker

TEC Admin January 18, 2019

About the Product

A product that aims to help users keep track of their loved ones and their valuables. It’s a rechargeable, sleek, credit-card-like global tracking device that uses cellular towers to determine its location. When switched to Panic Mode, it can also activate its GPS module to provide more precise location information. This unique approach provides the ability to track items both inside and outside of buildings and helps extend battery life between charges.

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How does it Work

Apart from showing the location of an item or person being tracked. iTraq has many other striking features and abilities that make it the fabulous product it is. It has fall sensors that can alert users if their item has fallen or has been dropped or if an elderly has suffered a fall. It also has temperature sensors that grant the device the ability to track ambient temperature and alert users if the temperature goes higher than a pre-determined threshold.

This tracker also has a feature called Guard Mode. To make use of this users must mark an area or radius on the map as “Safe Zone”. Whenever, the elderly drifts away from this safe zone, or their things are taken out of this area, the user is alerted to take necessary action.

iTraq is set to remain in sleep mode when it is not in use. It comes out of this mode only when it has to send the location report as set by users on their phone or on the website. Once the location has been sent after scanning the nearby towers, it goes into sleep mode again. This is one of the reasons why the battery runs for almost 3 years after each full charge.

The Good

  • The battery can last up to three years at one charge
  • It works worldwide. iTraq can track people or valuables anywhere in the world, as long as cellular service exists
  • Sleek and lightweight design allows it to be attached easily to any person or their things

The Bad

  • Requires customers to subscribe to a reporting service which comes at an extra price


iTraq is has gained quite a lot of popularity and interest from Alzheimer’s caregivers, especially because of it geo-fencing technology, which lets caregivers set a pre-defined area or radius on the map and receive an alert as soon as the elderly or their valuables leaves it. Also, the use of Cellular service rather than GPS gives it edge over other location trackers in the market. So, we surely recommend iTraq and are sure it will provide users the peace of mind they are looking for.