Product Review

Product Review: Hero Health Medicine Dispenser

TEC Admin February 15, 2019

About the Product

Hero is a smart device that manages pills by storing and dispensing them. It is suitable for personal home use. It can be loaded easily by just pouring different pills into different vials. It keeps track of the medicines and sends an alert when the cartridge needs to be refilled. It also has an additional capability to place an online order of over the counter medicines for refills.

To know the features of Hero Health, check it out on TEC website.


Concept and Use

The smart medicine manager needs to be plugged into a standard wall outlet. The front face has a small LCD screen with a push button panel below it. For initial set up, one needs to enter all details such as name of patient and the medicines. Once this is done, it is important to set a schedule of consumption and tie the medicines name with the person whom the medicine is meant for. Entering details was a bit time taking as it requires users to navigate to each letter through the small button panel. However, this is a one-time activity so it’s probably not a big issue.

Next step is to put in your pills and tablets into the device. When you open the front door, you will be presented with 10 small plastic containers. The medicines can be put into these containers. For dispensing medicines, there is a small plastic dispenser cup below the door. Medicine will be dropped into this cup only when it’s time to take the medicine and when the taker hits the enter button. It also sends an alert through the app when it’s time to take the medicine.



You read above how Hero (the device) dispenses medicine and keeps track of the same. The app, on the other hand, is designed to record and keep track of the medicine intake for each family member over time. It also sends alerts and notifications if a dose has been missed or if the medicine stock is low on the device.

The app also analyses data and provides interesting insights based on the medications prescribed. It also provides a platform to connect users who take similar medications so they can discuss health issues and progress.


The Good

  • It can hold vitamins and pills of all sizes and shapes, without need for any specialized or external fittings
  • App notification sent to user if there has been a power outage
  • Has a special key to open the dispenser if power goes out and device is unable to automatically dispense medicine on time


The Bad

  • There is a limitation of storing only 10 medicines that can be stored in the device
  • It can only hold pills (no syrup or liquid medicine)
  • Not useful when on the go. A portable companion device could help in such scenario



Hero is a smart device that uses technology to help you and your loved ones keep up with their meds. Hero manages every part of your family’s medication, so that a dose is never missed. On one hand, the device dispenses meds timely and on the other, the app notifies you if pills have been taken. There is also an additional feature where Hero Fill delivers meds directly to your door. Overall, we feel this is a useful device especially for a family with elders who tend to forget to take the right medicines at the right time.