Product Review

Product Review: Freedom Guardian

TEC Admin February 1, 2019


Freedom Guardian is a smart watch from Medical Guardian that acts as a live emergency response agent. When combined with mobile app and web portal, the smart watch lets family members and caretakers monitor elderly’s location and acts immediately in an emergency situation.

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Concept and Design

It is a lightweight device, weighing about 35gms only, for the elderly’s wrist. The band is made of non-latex material and is available in black or white colour options. The watch is user friendly with just 2 buttons on the right side –

  1. On/Off button
  2. Red help button – when the user presses and holds this button for 3 seconds, a call is initiated to the emergency response centre.

The watch has built-in microphone and speakers which offers a fairly good audio quality and facilitates hands-free communication. Unlike other smart watches, the Freedom Guardian uses cellular network to connect with the emergency response centre. It also uses GPS and Wi-Fi to send the exact location of the user to their caregivers.

The touch screen offers 3 views/screens:

  1. Analog watch dial (also showing the battery meter and cellular signal meter). When the users taps on this screen, a voice reads out the exact time
  2. Weather screen which displays three-day weather forecast
  3. Help screen which when pressed for few seconds initiates an emergency call


App and Web Portal

The mobile app and web portal are also easy to use, just like the watch. When the app is opened, the watch user screen appears that displays user’s name and photo (if uploaded). It also shows the last known location of the person wearing the watch. At the bottom of the screen, there are five icons:

  1. Map icon showing the current location of the elderly wearing the watch (you can choose between street and satellite view). You can also view the duration for which they have been at the same location.
  2. Message icon allows you to send a message or view older messages.
  3. Reminder icon allows you to set new reminders or appointments and also view older ones.
  4. Settings icon allows to view and edit the users profile and preferences.
  5. Icon with three dots shows the watch’s Alert History.

The mobile app and web portal can be used to communicate with your loved one, view their location in real time as well as in past, set reminders and appointments, make emergency calls.


Installation and Performance

The set up process is a breeze. The smart watch can be charged using a USB cable. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the watch and this charge lasts up to two days.

The watch and app facilitate two way communication between the elderly and their caretakers. Senders can request an acknowledgement that the message has been received at the other end. Senders can also request a voice acknowledgement. The user needs to tap on the microphone icon in the message and record their voice to send the message.


The Good

  • Provides accurate GPS location for each SOS alert
  • Decent battery life of 2 days
  • The simple design is ideal for most elderly. Overcomes stigma of using a medical alert device
  • User friendly, with a simplified interface. Especially beneficial for elders who are not tech savvy
  • Impressive speaker and microphone with good audio quality


The Bad

  • The watch doesn’t offer fall detection
  • Has monthly subscription fees to access the web portal and mobile app
  • It doesn’t offer fitness tracking and heart monitoring



Many elderly feel conscious about using a medical emergency alert device as they can be bulky. If that’s the case with your loved one, we recommend the Freedom Guardian smart watch as it doesn’t come with the stigma. It looks like a regular smart watch and provides functions of a medical emergency alert device. It’s light on the wrist and easy to use as it doesn’t require the user to be very tech savvy. It provides two way communication so that the family members can be in peace and not worry as much about the elderly being out alone on their own.