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Product Review – AgeGracefully Walking Sticks

TEC Admin December 7, 2018

Maintaining the balance during walking is quite an important aspect for an elderly. While standing, the purpose is to keep the center of gravity within the support surface. However, walking disturbs the stability of the body and adaptation is required according to alterations in the gravity line. This can be achieved with the help of a right walking stick.


Agegracefullyshop Smart Walking Sticks collections comes in 6 different models in combination with 2 choice of handles. The 2 different handles are Essential handle and MP3 Handle.


Essential Handle

The Essential handle comes with basic functions such as LED Headlight with adjustable angle, visible red flashing lights for seeking safety and a safety alarm that can be activated manually.






MP3 Handle


On top of the basic LED head lights and visible flashing lights available on the Essential handle, the MP3 handle comes with MP3 player on which user can load their favourite songs in the SD card.  There is also FM digital radio functions through which the user can listen to their favourite radio stations and be updated to the latest news and program on the happenings around them.

Most of the senior are very faithful in their choice of music and will often repeat their choice of songs and tune into their favourite Radio station. The MP3 handle has a memory feature that will return to the last active mode and thus the user only needs to relay on the ‘On/Off’ button to activate the music function.

Apart from the music therapy features listed above, it comes with a thoughtful Auto-Fall-Alarm. This will be activated when it falls and the alarm will automatically trigger a loud ring to seek attention. When a senior experiences a fall they might be in the state of shock and may not be able to call for help.

AgeGracefully offers 6 different model that serve different needs: Umbrella, Standard, Folding, Chair, Medium Quad and Small Quad.


Bond:  The Smart Umbrella Walking Stick


The star product, a Smart Umbrella Walking Stick called Bond, has won the Eldercare innovation Awards 2018.

Bond cleverly disguises itself as an umbrella to tackle a common resistance amongst the elderly who are stigmatized when using a walking stick. Its innovation went beyond promoting mobility. It also multi-tasks as a device to improve mental and emotional capacities. The built-in MP3 player-cum-radio aims to reduce the rate of dementia deterioration by increasing their levels of physical, mental and emotional functioning through sensory stimulation. Its lightweight, Anti-Slip Self-Standing tip is carefully engineered with raw material imported from Germany to promote natural walking motion. The intelligent Auto-Fall Alarm empowers the user to call for help, thus bringing peace of mind to their caregivers.

The name, Bond, was deliberately chosen as it aspires to create bonding among the elderly with their friends and family. Elderly can play their favourite exercise tunes when they meet with their fellow buddies in the park. Nursery rhymes can also be downloaded to promote interaction with their grandchildren. With its seamless integration of a multi-feature system encased in a tasteful design, the walking stick is reminiscent of James Bond and his spy gadgetry.


Standard Walking Stick

The Standard Walking Stick is the lightest in the entire collection. It is height adjustable and comes with an Anti-Slip Self Standing tip. The specially designed tip has a very soft neck design that promotes natural walking motions. The Anti-Slip feature work exceptionally well in flat surface found in mall and at home. This smooth surface can be extremely dangerous even if it is slightly wet.





Folding Walking Stick


The Folding Walking Stick is developed for users who need an extra walking stick for travelling and thus need a more compact solution. It can be sub sectioned to 4 separate parts and comes with a designer Kaki pouch.

Bronze colour gives an impression of elegance and prestige. However, the material properties of bronze are heavy and soft and thus is not suitable to use as part of the main structure. Considering structural integrity, the intersection is inserted with precision machine joint to ensure stability. The aluminium alloy being used in this precision machine joint is galvanised to ‘bronze’ colour to give it an elegant look and yet maintain the light weight yet strong properties of the aluminium alloy.

User can easily spring it into position due to the internal spring cord design. It also comes with an additional anti-slip self-standing tip for user who may use it on a more regular basis and need the convenience of a self-standing function.


Chair Walking Stick


The Chair Walking Stick is developed for users who need to rest their feet at regular intervals. Having a stool integrated into the walking sticks was not really a new idea. As safety is of paramount importance, it has been engineered to be stronger and can take load of up to 120kg. It is also crafted with an anti-slip seat that is ergonomically designed and thus feels secure while sitting. There is a laser engraved reference on the tubing to educate the user on the correct seating posture. Unlike most of the seat integrated walking sticks that is not height adjustable, the user will not have to compromise on the sitting posture and can sit comfortably on this Chair Walking Stick.


Medium Quad Walking Stick

The Medium Quad is a weight bearing Walking Stick developed for users who need to lean on the walking stick as they walk. The broad base provides extra stability and is commonly recommended by doctors, physio therapist and occupational therapist.

To maximise stability, the Medium Quad walking stick has a rather large base. The shaft is off-set from the centre to ensure that the distance between the user and the shaft is kept in an ergonomic range. The off-set can be reversed for user who prefer to use the walking stick of the left side.



Small Quad Walking Stick

The Small Quad is also a weight bearing Walking Stick developed for users who need to lean slightly on the walking stick as they walk. It serves as a transitional option between a standard walking stick and a Medium Quad Stick. It has a smaller base and thus can be used on all kind of staircases.

Due to the small base, it eliminates the obstruction issue of ‘kicking’ it accidentally.  Aesthetically, it does not carry the stigma of carrying a quad stick.




After significant testing, we have determined that AgeGracefully walking sticks are suitable for elders. They are easy to set up and comfortable to use. These walking sticks not only improve balance, but also reduce the wear and tear in the user’s legs, especially in their knees. Walking is one of the best exercises to keep an elderly healthy and using these walking sticks can make walking easy. So, if you’re looking for sturdy and reliable walking sticks, these are the ones TechElderCare strongly recommends.