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Problems Faced By Elderly In Accepting Technology

TEC Editor August 7, 2019
  • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

-Buckminster Fuller

‘Ageing’ the last phase of human life is accompanied with its own niche problem areas which curate challenges for the elderly person to get equipped to the technological advancement which is indeed etched for their comfort and safety. In fact for this very reason, nowadays there are unidirectional targetted companies who solely aim at modifying the technology for the elderly people in a way that, instead of elders learning to adjust themselves with technology, it’s their new innovations which are adjusted and designed to suit the needs of the grey-haired sweethearts.


The problem areas of elders with respect to their technical knowledge and learning can very well be classified under five broad categories talked about here:


Physical limitation, manual dexterity and other health-related conditions are the major cause why the elders need tech products and also why they face resistance in adapting themselves towards certain smart tech products. The mobility issues in elders, reduced response rate of the senses, forgetfulness, stability concerns and low eyesight are some of the major concerns which are adhered to by the companies who deal in specialized smart tech products for elders. Also, it’s not easy for them to comprehend and memorize every new detail introduced to them for the first time.


Our elders are as tender at heart as the kids. Their emotional attachment towards their materialized world and also towards their family is much more than one can think of. At old age, elders also become adamant and rigid in respect to their way of living and welcoming change. For this reason, companies make the products and tutor their customers about their use in the simplest manner. These companies take all due care to ensure that at the time of product usage the sentiments, self-confidence and esteem of the elders is not affected adversely.


Many elders are even today skeptical about the need for technology in their life. Such elders always evaluate the tech-based product twice on the basis of several parameters before finally adopting them. In fact, such category of seniors when are successfully converted into customers, the technology wins with pride. Surprisingly it has been studied that there are elders who believe that technology is anti-spirituality and hence should be avoided at its best. While there are slightly others who believe that technology is only for youth and that they are not meant for technology.


There are high spirited elders who had brought in technology in their life from the day it started trending in the market. But in spite of this, the age factor plays its role. The problem of Alzheimer/ Parkinson in elders further deteriorates the condition. Even the smartest of the old champ sometimes have to make special adjustments to mould himself in a specific manner to make profitable and beneficial use of technology. The progressive fall in the intellect of the elders in terms of memory, learning and orientation is a big factor behind the need as well as the hindrance in the adoption of technology in seniors.


Not only kids but our elders too fear peer pressure. But unlike the kids, the peer pressure in elders is two ways: On seeing their friend being gadget-friendly, few develop the urge to own and learn one. While there are others who are rigid on the fact that they are good all by themselves, and don’t need any tech products to further smoothen their life. The elders who are frequent users of social media sites feel that their those friend who are not tech-friendly are loosing upon some of the trending news in the market. Apart from this, there are influential class elders who love to boast of their capability to own and use the trending tech products but fail to analyse and match the specifications and differences to their requirements.


As companies are innovating their technological moves to adapt to the constraints of elders, even our elders need to bring a bit of flexibility in their living to make themselves approachable by the smart tech options available in the market. Our grandparents and aged relatives and friends need to accept the fact that these technological innovations are to maximize and improvise their way of living. So to age in place with independence and grace, the novel tech trends are the one, which they need to embrace. Also as the caretaker or children of the elders , you should refer to our blog link

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