Elderly Safety

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TEC Admin August 10, 2018

In its stated mission MobileHelp aims at providing the best medical alert system for its customers. For the elderly, a medical emergency alert device is practically a necessity, and a full featured, flexible system should ensure that everyones needs are met.


A wearable device, in the form of a waterproof wrist band or pendant comes with all models of the MobileHelp medical emergency alert. This device contains a button that triggers emergency assistance when pressed. Mobilehelp provides solutions for both indoor use and outdoors. The Classic and Duo models have a base station that remain indoors and communicate with the button device. This base station comes with a 30 hour battery backup and can work even during power failures. For outdoor use, a mobile device is available for the Solo and Duo models. The mobile device is meant to be carried by the user when they go outdoors, and has built-in GPS tracking.

According to their website, MobileHelp were the first to provide medical alert system that uses a cellular network and does not need a landline. The cellular network does not require a separate subscription and is built into the service. A nationwide cellular network also lets the alert system to be taken on travels and vacation, and will work normally once the destination address has been registered with the system.

The medical alert system is subscription based, but does not require a long term contract. The equipment does not need to be purchased, and is provided free during the subscription period.

How it works

To call for emergency help the user has to press the button on the wearable device. This connects them to MobileHelp’s emergency operators, who have the users location and medical history immediately available to them. The operators try to communicate with the user to find out the problem. If communication is not possible for any reason, the operators contact the emergency responders in the user’s area. They will also inform the users family on predetermined numbers.

Optional Equipment

MobileHelp subscribers can opt for a Fall Button in the form of a pendant that will inform emergency operators automatically if a fall is detected. The fall button works with both the indoor base station and the outdoor mobile unit. In case of a false alarm, the user can cancel the emergency by either pressing the button or by informing the emergency operators. Opting for the fall button requires additional subscription.

In addition a wall button is available for both the indoor and outdoor units.

MobileHelp Connect

Family members and caregivers can use the Connect suite of online tools to stay aware of the users well being. This includes getting updates about emergencies and alerts, and location information on request. The premium version of Connect lets caregivers schedule medication reminders and alerts for the user.


The MobileHelp Medical Emergency Alert  has configuration options for both indoor and outdoor usage, so a subscriber can choose what works best for them. The indoor unit has a range of 600 feet, which should be good enough for anywhere within the home and maybe even the immediate neighborhood.

Not requiring a separate landline or cellular contract is a definite plus, as the user needs only one subscription service. Similarly not requiring a long term contract and outright purchase of equipment gives the user flexibility in terms of acting upon what works for them and what does not.

One can debate whether the fall detector should be an option or a standard feature, but at the least it is available for those who absolutely need it.

For those who carry a mobile phone with them, the outdoor unit may become inconvenient additional hardware. Also, the entire service becomes unavailable if one forgets to take the mobile unit with them when going out.

Overall the MobileHelp Medical Emergency Alert system seems to a very useful product for the elderly, and it can be tailored to individual needs. After all knowing that help is at hand when required is very important to one’s well being.