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TEC Editor May 16, 2019

When evaluating the options for computer, notebook or similar devices for elderly individuals, there are multiple factors which need to be considered, apart from the speed, software and operating system. Like;

  • Why do they need it? For what purpose?
  • What all features of a software device are they comfortable with?
  • What is their physical condition in terms of mobility, dementia or other such medical condition?

Considering all the above and more such feasibility parameters, Claris has come up with this elderly friendly tablet titled CLARIS COMPANION. True to its name, the device is an all in one companion for its user. With its ten-inch touchscreen and customized user interface, this tablet has several thumbs up in its kitty. It has especially been crafted for our elderly relatives and friends so that they don’t miss on any moment of being in sight of their loved ones and caregivers.


Here are the details of its significant features:


Activity dashboard keeps you well aware of the activity, compliance and wellness of your elders. There are colour codes and CareDot score to monitor the score of the activities performed on a regular basis by your elders.



It is not easy to remember all the dates of birthday, anniversaries and more without any assistance. So Claris Companion can always remind its user about the significant events and happenings which are to happen or had happened in the past.



Videos of any format can be viewed or sent or received using Claris Companion, and thereafter these videos can be stored in the Claris video gallery.



Sometimes all our elderly seniors want is one sight of their loved ones. Considering this fact in mind, Claris has introduced a special easy to use, private and secure video calling feature in its tablet.



Not one but multiple photos can be received, sent, uploaded by the Companion user and be later seen in the form of the slideshow for rejuvenation of happy moments. Even the caregivers and relatives can make a video call anytime, and all the user of the device has to do is click on the ‘answer’ button.



Claris companion user is provided with a unique number and email id for sending and receiving emails. Also when the notification for the received message comes, the message details can be read in large size clear font. If the user wants to send an email or message, then the user can either write via virtual keyboard or speech to text recognition.



Our up to date seniors love to browse the internet for the local news and events and other queries of theirs. They can easily do so by using the Claris Companion. After all, even our seniors love to Google, play online games, access internet banking and other such online activities.



This feature is for the caregivers to schedule a survey with a bunch of objective questions, which will keep our seniors engaged and up to date.



Wellness-related surveys and trends help the seniors, as well as their relatives and caregivers, to keep track of the health of the elders. The survey results can easily be shared with others like family doctors and relatives.



Claris companion is also the exercise coach of your aged friend. It is equipped with specially designed exercise for seniors at home. So accept no more excuses from the elderly for not keeping their heart and mind fit.



Claris Companion sends an alert over emails or phone in case of any unordinary happening like skipping of medicines or test or check-in, etc. Also, these alerts can be customized as per the medical condition of the senior. In this way, the tablet always keeps the caregivers in the upright position for their elders.



Claris is a friendly nurse who reminds its owner of their medicine and medical tests on a routine basis. In case our elders miss any of these reminders, their respective caregivers will be intimated immediately.


This feature is to be used by the seniors when they wish to drop a message to their family or caregivers, to call them as when time permits.



Check-in feature is like maintaining the record of attendance. If on any particular day the senior user misses pressing the check-in button, an alert is automatically sent to his/her caregiver, thus raising alarm for any sort of contingency.



With a plethora of smart solutions in one platter labelled Claris Companion, the users have rewarded it as one of the smartest tech solutions to stay connected with your loved ones via emails, photographs, videos and messages, even though the two are geographical miles apart.


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