How to select an automatic pill dispenser

TEC Editor July 24, 2019


Even before my grandparents pack their essentials for any vacation, medicines are the first and the foremost thing that they take care of. There are so many colourful tiny tots in their medicine box that they look like an unsolved puzzle of permutation and combination. And it was on one such occasion that I decided to benefit them with the technical assistance to manage their medicines, by introducing them to automatic pill dispenser.

Automatic pill dispensers are a boon to medication management in an easier to execute manner. It relieves the person of the stress of remembering the timing and dosage of each and every medicine. But with so many options trending in the market, I was more puzzled to select one, than my ageing grandparents. And it was then that I followed by mandate strategy of buying a final product. And in this strategic purchase move, I shortlisted some of the best automatic pill dispensers and then compared them on the below-mentioned parameters (apart from price) to come up with the one that served me and my grandparent’s purpose the best.

Alarm system

An alarm system in an automatic pill dispenser alerts you to take the medicines on time. Timely dosage of medicines is one of the most prioritised aspects of medication management and so it needs to be followed diligently. Some pill dispensers raise this alarm in the form of voice, while there are others why simply flash or send an alert to our smartphone or smartwatch. Choose the one which best suits you, as a caregiver or as the end-user himself.

Water-resistant and tamper-proof

Automatic pill dispensers are designed for a niche market segment like the one comprising of elderly audience. We know how much these elderly people are subject to negligent errors because of the lack of complete control of their body. For this reason, very minor precautions are taken by companies while introducing products which are specially crafted for them. Opt for pill dispensers which are waterproof so that even in case a glass of water for taking medicine spills on it, the device does not get damaged. Apart from this, the product should be scratch-free and break-proof, to ensure that in case of accidental fall, its functioning and the outer case does not break or damage.

Lock and security system

When the subject is the management of medicines, safety and security automatically come in. Since pill dispensers are there to ease the task of medication management, they should be equipped with complete lock and security feature to safeguard the medicines from the reach of children and also from an accidental overdose of medicines. The much-advanced pill dispensers even raise the alert by way of sound or email or message if there is any unscheduled or forced try to take out medicines from the dispenser.

Structure of dispenser

There are a variety of automatic pill dispensers in the market with a variety in their storage capacity. Choose the one as per your need. It’s better to opt for the one which can accommodate a monthly scheduled dosage of medicine with each days dispenser unit sufficient to accommodate your entire dosage. Also small considerations like, the unit with replaceable parts, opaque lid, proper labelling, good battery backup and more play a big role in taking the final call.

Ease of use

The tech driven pill dispenser should be made of such technological advancement, that its easy to understand and use by the elders. Its alerts should be expressive enough by means of their alarm sound, flash light or even vibrations. For safe use of the pill dispenser it should be password or PIN code protected. Fingerprint scanner, RFID, voice biometric or face identification are the other optional locking method. The one which is Wifi or bluetooth integrated is easy for the caregivers as it remotely notifies them when needed.

Post this selection criterial I will equip you with the choicest of the automtic pill dispensers. You can eaily select the one you need, by evaluating them for quality, durability and performance.