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How to make technology adaptation easier for adults

TEC Editor July 8, 2019

Undoubtedly, technology has paved a remarkable path in the life of elders to assist them in ageing gracefully and independently. But not all elders are equally confident in experimenting and letting in these technological advancements in their life. So instead of only talking about how has technology transformed the life of elderly let’s discuss how can we make this tech learning experience easier and comfortable for our elders.


Make the elders realize the worth of technology in their life:

With the aim of making our elders go gala with the parcel of happiness, technology brings to them, the caregivers should make the elders understand that only because of the trending technological products can they get reunited with their youth age friends, make a social circle of their own, manage their own finances and health and lead an independent life. Often because of health concerns, elders are dependent on others even for performing their routine tasks. But with the introduction of technology, even this limitation can easily be taken care of.


The language for teaching should be comfortable for both the mentor and the disciple:

How many of you agree that our personal routine dictionary is filled with the trending jargons and words ( example: emoji, selfie, pic ) which are elders are completely unaware of. So one should make sure that while introducing or moving ahead with the chapters of technology, one needs to make use of the words and phrases which are easy to comprehend by our seniors.


Slow and steady wins the race:

While deciphering the knowledge on a new subject, the plethora of content should be kept minimal so that the elderly student is able to grasp each and every word thoroughly. Too much of information sharing in one single session might confuse the entire content and create a big-time confusion. The elderly person might also get adversely affected in terms of loss of confidence.


Pen down:

All of our elders are more used to pen down their thoughts and pieces of information. It is their way of memorizing the subject and recollecting it even after a long span of time. So you as their mentor should pen down the information for them in their manner and let them retain it as a record, for future reference or revision.


Patience is the key tool:

Mentoring a kid or an elderly person is a challenging and taxing job. One might be required to repeat the same piece of information multiple times and in multiple ways. Also, certain elders prefer asking questions for every doubt they have, while others are reluctant to. So it is the duty of the one teaching them to clear the queries of both kinds of seniors with ease and with patience.


Introduce the elders to technology learning resources:

Help your elders overcome the uneasiness of trying new technological solutions, by introducing them to the following resources for learning technology:

  • AARP which hosts webinars on a routine basis on topics like online safety, tablets and phones, social media, and more. Also, it maintains a library of its programs.
  • Oasis Lifelong Adventure which specializes in providing continuing education programs for adults age 50 and older.
  • OATS (Older Adults Technology Services) and its Senior Planet program
  • SeniorNet an NGO that provides computer and internet related education to adults above the age of 55.


Make it entertaining:

Introducing the elders to brain games and fun games on tablets, smartphones and computers will ease the acceptance and comfort level of elders towards technology. So allow them a gaming session for some duration in each of their learning classes to keep monotony at distance


Introduce them to internet safety:

While making elders learn the technological means of managing health, finance and other personal life sections, it is the primary duty of their caregivers to let the elders understand about the password security and should this security be availed.

So for all the caregivers and children of the tech inquisitive elders, the above-mentioned rules/tips/tricks are a boon. The above measures are of great assistance to elders in overcoming their reluctance and fear of becoming a part of the trending technological era.