Alert Systems


TEC Editor June 28, 2019

“One should do more in an old age than he did in youth .”                                                                   – Goethe

Going parallel to the golden and wise words of Goethe, I would love to quote to our loving elders out there that if technology had not been even a distant relative of yours during your youth age, feel free to embrace it as your warm welcomed guest in the age of your grey hair. Today when it’s a universal fact that technology has surpassed all leaps and bounds to mould itself to the customized need of thousands of categories of individuals,  you ( Yes ! You, my grey-haired beauty, I am directly talking to you, with all due respect)  should utilize these advancements for your benefits.  Apart from smartphones and tabs, there are so many tech smart options to suit the needs of your specially categorized old age.  So explore them to age in place or to make your wanderlust more enjoyable and memorable.  Don’t just create stories for your grandchildren,  but create tech smart stories to shout aloud.

Here are a few main headers which will help you have a short rendezvous session with all the tech smart options trending in the current era, especially for you.



Monitoring devices for the elders are many and so one needs to be very careful while selecting the one. The final choice for the product is influenced by several factors like the lifestyle of the elder, whether he /she prefers to get monitored or not, their routine activity, medical condition and so on. With so many options available in market its good to have a categorized listing like whole body monitoring device, virtual monitoring devices, sensors, exercise monitoring and medical monitoring. Under each category, there are hundreds of products but each of them aims at one sole mission of providing 360-degree safety, security and healthy living of the elders.



Today the elders are blessed to choose from so many technologically sound products to assist their routine activities ranging from the basic task of bathing to dressing up. The macro level subcategories of these sections as filtered by me are dining related, mobility-related, medication management, hearing assistance, voice output, data tracker, calendar and smart glasses. The use of these ATDs or assistive technology devices assists the elders to live their life with freedom and dignity. So no more sitting back with the adverse effects of the increased number of years to age. A simple add on of technology makes the elders as good as the youngsters sitting beside them on the park bench.



Recovery at old age from any accident or injury or medical condition is itself a challenge because of the worn out inner body. So to help the elders overcome such situation with age there are specially categorized RT rehabilitative technology-driven products like those related to exercise support, cognitive rehab, posture correction and activator poles.



The safety and security of every individual is his/her own responsibility and when it is about elders, its also the prime responsibility of their respective children and caregivers. We all know how much elders love to age in place and it is their this desire that calls for their safety and security when their well-wishers are not physically present around them. The use and application of the given category products not only protect the elders from the outsiders who keep a negative eye and thought on them, but they also protect them from unwanted injuries and risks by alerting them and their well-wishers in advance or on a real time basis. Video monitoring, GPS embedded products, insoles, hip protection belts are some of the examples which top the chart of this category.



Alarm system, external monitoring system or watch monitors. Make use of one or two of them to remain proactive to the alert alarm or sign when the emergency situation arises. These devices either alert the user himself or alerts the well-wishers of the user, at the time of unforeseen emergency. Apart from this the credited USP of these advanced products is that they keep an eye of a watchdog on their user, without interfering the comfort or privacy of the elders.



Virtual reality technology for elders is for the care and companionship of elders. The artificial intelligence-driven tech smart products are there to be with the elders to help them overcome the monotony of their life and also to keep them updated with the outside world apart from ensuring their healthy relations with their relatives. Not only this there are certain smart tech robots who also help the elderly people overcome their medical ailments, perform the exercise and other routine activities with ease.



As more and more elders are becoming tech-savvy, their reliance on smartphone applications is surpassing a new mark every day. There are so many applications ranging from the one helping them track their own path, managing their medicines, brain game apps, senior-friendly music apps, hobby related applications and the list is never-ending. The use of these applications simplifies the complexities of the life of not only the elders but anyone who uses them.


The usage and benefits of technology for elderly individuals are there to help them overcome the difficulties of modern life and trespassing the social and emotional barriers of isolation. And the companies who have entered this socially challenging and tech driven business are abiding by the fact that at this stage of age it’s not the elders who will learn and adapt to technology but it’s the technology that needs to adapt itself to the life and lifestyle of these elders.