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Guide to fitness trackers for seniors

TEC Admin March 1, 2019

Age is just a number. Even for seniors, age shouldn’t be a determiner when it comes to being healthy and fit. Fortunately, there are ways our elderly loved ones practise fitness regimens.

We will help you guide your elderly loved ones to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips you could use to guide your loved ones in their physical activities.

1. Monitor your elder with a device
A senior is never too old to be fit! Encourage your seniors to be healthy by using modern devices that can aid their fitness journey. These gadgets, machines, or devices are handy whenever your elderly loved one partakes in exercise or fitness activities.

With the use of a monitoring device, you can make sure your elder is doing well in their activities. One example of a monitoring device is the Kinexs, an exercise gadget that monitors the progress of the user. The monitoring device gathers data regarding the senior’s body, and then transfers said data to a laptop or mobile phone for analysis. The Kinexs is lightweight and compact, perfect for strenuous activities.


2. Prioritise safety and protection
Although exercise is healthy for the body, accidents can happen any time, especially with seniors involved. Always take precautions with your elderly loved ones; have them equipped with safety devices like the hip airbag.

The hip airbag is a smart device that will automatically deploy an airbag whenever a fall is detected. It is lightweight, comfortable, and guaranteed to absorb 90% of the impact caused by the fall. If an accident does happen, the airbag should send an alert to the caretaker or family member in charge.


3. Make sure your senior maintains good posture
Seniors are prone to having a weak and fragile body. This makes exercising a common activity for them. But even when they’re not engaging in physical activities, seniors can keep their body in good shape by maintaining good posture.

One helpful device that can maintain a senior’s posture is the Lumo. It’s a wearable trainer that’s worn below the collarbone that gently vibrates whenever the user’s posture is in bad shape. It won’t matter if the senior is standing or sitting; the Lumo will alert users whenever their posture needs correcting.

The Lumo also displays feedback of the user, which includes the number of steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled.


4. Track your senior’ wherever they go
If your senior is into jogging, then it’s essential to always keep track of them wherever they go. For activities such as jogging, equip your senior’s trainers with a tracking insole.

The tracking insoles are to be put inside the user’s shoes. The device provides navigational assistance to the user so they won’t get lost. The insoles also act as a fitness tracker; it can count steps, measure distance travelled, and identify the number of calories burned. Once the determined fitness goal is achieved, the insoles will vibrate and alert the user.

Modern-day devices are surely helpful when it comes to participating in physical activities. These aforementioned gadgets are also ideal for adults as well. For any questions and enquiries regarding technology for elderly care, contact Digipasar.