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TEC Editor May 16, 2019

“Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.”

George Couros

And today you are going to decipher about the technology that voice the independence of our elders. GoLive Clip is a trending tech essential which is crafted to boon the life of our senior friends, relatives, and their caregivers. It is one of the many wearable technology options available in the market today. This all in one safety clip is more of a companion than a device.


GoLive Clip is an all-in-one tech device for the seniors:

Concocted by Gosociety Solutions, the device assists the seniors in living life all by themselves. Once this device is brought in use, it helps you in keeping yourself fit. GoLive clip can count your steps, keep track of your activities and even buzz the alarm if you fall accidentally. So one can also refer to it as the fall detection device. Apart from this, it precautions you with alarm, even when you are more probable to fall. This fall detection device is so programmed that when the person wearing the device suffers a fall, a text message or email automatically reaches the caregiver. Moreover, your caregiver can easily establish a telephonic call with you, without you having to receive the call.

Although GoLive clip has proven to be of spine support to the elders, it can be used irrespective of your age. If you are the one who loves to adventure and has wanderlust, or are engaged to some danger prone profession, even then this device is equally resourceful to you.


Smart fall risk detection device:

Crafted under the craftsmanship of technical and scientific experts, GoLive clip has passed the test of fall detection by 93% (making it a very reliable device). When in risk or emergency, all you need is care and assistance of your loved ones. And so, GoLive Clip helps you send and receive notifications to and from your near ones when needed. With GoLive clip handy with you, any assistance is just a tap of a button away. A single push of a button will notify your caregivers with your live location, and so the help will reach you at the earliest. Add the minute your caregiver gives you a call, you will come online without even having to receive the phone call manually.


Some of the other outstanding features of GoLive clip technology:

  • The GoLive clip needs a Bluetooth connection and the GoLive android smartphone app to establish the connection between the device and the smartphone.
  • It’s battery when fully charged, lasts to up to three to four days
  • It supports wireless charging, whereby the device only needs to be placed on the charger. It takes approximately one and a half hour to get completely charged and work for a limitless number of days
  • It is waterproof


Broch it the way you like:

So next time when you are out to traverse, simply clip this non-invasive device to your clothing and enjoy the moment stress-free.


GoLive Clip has proven to support and befriend the life of not only elders but also those people who are adventurers, are into a dangerous profession or suffer from some sort of health issues. So if your profile falls under any one of these categories then we would suggest you own one, to know one.

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