Eldercare Services


TEC Editor June 6, 2019

How many of you do really memorialize your childhood vacations, when the entire packaging of the travel luggage was done, keeping us ( we were kids then) in mind. Our parents would make it a prerogative to not skip any of the kids’ essentials, just, to ensure that our vacations as kids remained an enduring one? Well, some of you might retrospect while others memory must have lost touch with their past.

But whatever may be your case; today if you are seasoning your thoughts with a vacation encompassing your elderly parents then now it’s your turn to unfurl the same level of care and love towards them as they exhibited in your childhood. So, program your vacations and trips in consonance with your elderly travel partners and do take care of all the mandatory items which you need to carry along as essentials. After all, it’s a small step for creating bigger memories for your special ones.



1) A suitcase with wheels:

A wheeled suitcase is easy to move around and also to take off or to put on the elevator. Sometimes a clip or strap on the suitcase’s extendable handle is also of great benefit, as they can be used for hanging the purse or bottle or a small carry bag with certain small essentials.

2) Medication and First Aid Box:

Elderly people do depend on some sort of medication to ensure their well being and safety. Make a list of all their medicines, diapers if needed and medical devices if any. You can also equip your elders with alert systems for their precautionary care. Also, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are given proper care in terms of their good health and well being, on and off the vacation.

3) Important documents

Important documents comprise of medical papers which might turn up handy in case of uninvited emergency, important contact numbers, identity proof, photocopies of passport and tickets and credit/debit cards.

4) Money belt

Travelling to a nearby place or a distant one does not guarantee the safety of tourists in any place. So be a smart traveller, and provide all the adults with a separate money belt or neck pouch to shield themselves against pickpocketers.

5) Pair of glasses and denture container

After a certain age, our elders are more like our kids. They might break their glasses accidentally while on travel. SO do carry an extra pair of glasses with the case. Also, some of our parents have accessorized their mouth with dentures, so do carry the denture container along.

6)  Extra batteries

Elders use devices like hearing aids and medical alarms. Also, there is a camera to accompany us. All of these require battery back-up to ensure troublefree functionality.

7) Mobile phone and tablets

We all carry mobile phones along wherever we go, so why not our parents. In fact, many of them prefer tablets over mobile phones, to stay in touch via video call with those dear ones who could not accompany them on their vacation. Also, tablet and mobile phones can be used by them for listening to music or clicking photographs of their choice.

8) Charging cables

Do carry power banks and charging cables of all the technical devices you are carrying along to ensure there is no blockage in your and their fun and entertainment.

9) Travel toiletries

When travelling with elderly companions, then apart from the routine toiletries, one also needs to carry along antibacterial wipes and tissues, sunscreen and aloe vera gel.

10) Seasonal clothing

The weather which is pleasing to you might make your parents feel cold. So do not miss to carry an extra pair of warm clothing for them. If you are boarding for some monsoon inclined weather condition, then rain gear essentials for them is also must.

11)  Comfortable footwear and compression socks

Your elders should be as comfortable as they can be on their travel. And feet is that part of the body that needs all the rest to keep you moving. So make sure the kind of footwear you are providing your elders with. Compression socks are for that extra comfort to their aching legs after long distance walks and climbs.

12) Eye Masks

Needed to calm their mind and body with good night sleep. The elderly mind needs more rest to rejuvenate their energy level for the upcoming adventures.

13) Books

Few elderly people cannot quit their reading habit even when they are in travel mode. If your parents or elderly companions are amongst such individuals, then do carry along their favourite books.

14) Eatables

Elderly people like our kids can not compromise with their hunger pangs. And so you should have a sufficient amount of snacks and food in ready to eat mode for them, keeping in mind their medical condition.

The above-mentioned list of essentials were all nonexclusive and hence there can be add ons or deletion of certain items as per the personalized need of every individual. Remember; all this effort has been made by us to express our care for you and especially your elder ones. So next time when you are on wanderlust with your grey-haired companions, do not forget to cross check the provided list. Transform every single vacation with your elders into a memorable lifetime story chapter for them.