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Elderly Smart Home to enable Aging in Place

TEC Admin September 14, 2018

Smart home products have revolutionized the smart home industry. A category of smart home products that has stood out among others is the eldercare products.

Many technology innovators are tapping on concepts of Internet of Things to develop innovative eldercare solutions. These solutions not only allow the elderly population to age gracefully but also helps them stay healthier and independent for a longer period of time. While these solutions are directly targeted to make lives of elderly better, they also come as a blessing for the family and caretakers of the elderly.

Some products and equipment that can be used to make them live independently and help them with their everyday activities include:

Stair lifts or Chair lifts

This is a boon for seniors who have trouble going up and down the stairs. It is a mechanical device that carries people up and down the stairs. A chair is attached to a rail that is laid on the stairs. The device can be operated through a button along the sides of the chair or using a remote control. They can be customized depending on the needs of the user. The chair height can be adjusted according to the height of the user. It can also include features such as call button for any emergency situation. Other additional features that are a part of most stair lifts are speed controller, seat belt, switches to control various functions like start and stop. Stair lifts are mainly useful for elders who are prone to falls or those who face mobility issues.

Emergency Response System/ Medical Alert System

This is a basic to-have equipment if an elderly is staying alone. These systems are used to alert or inform a loved one or a caregiver in case the elderly person living alone needs immediate help or attention. With technology advancements these systems have evolved from simple wearable devices with call buttons to smart gadgets with motion and sound sensors fitted around the house to detect an abnormal situation. Choosing which one of these will be best suited for your parents or grandparents really depends on their needs and abilities. The most basic of these devices have a feature to call for help. Other advanced ones include features such as video calling, fall detection, activity monitoring, reminders, fitness tracking, health parameters monitoring etc. You can read reviews of LifeCare and MobileHelp on our other blog pages.

Caregiver Robots

Seniors who need help in their daily chores and activities often benefit from these caregiver robots that enable them to stay at home rather than moving into an eldercare facility. With shortage of professional caregivers, robots are making their way into the lives of elders as a helper and/or companion. From helping them to get out of bed in the morning to helping them have dinner at night, these caregiver robots perform almost every task that a professional caregiver provides. They also help seniors to deal with loneliness and social isolation by keeping them mentally active and socially engaged.


To conclude, we can say that there are many products and services in the market that will help the elders’ and their family’s decision to age in place. If an elderly chooses that he/she does not want to move into an eldercare facility, they can consider these smart aids at home to ensure their safety and well being.