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Debunked! : Common Myths About Assistive Devices For Senior

TEC Admin November 16, 2018

Assistive Technology is one of this generation’s biggest technological breakthroughs in the field of human care, especially for elderly care. But Assistive Technology or AT still has a long way to go before it becomes appreciated by those who don’t understand how important these devices are to seniors who require help almost 24/7.

Because of the lack of understanding and appreciation for Assistive Technology, people create skewed opinions and “myths” about Assistive Technology and seniors that need to be addressed. Here are some myths on Assistive Technology for seniors that need to be fixed:


1. Seniors In The Past Didn’t Have Assistive Technology 

It’s true that seniors in the past didn’t have Assistive technology, but because technology has changed the way people live now, it’s crucial that elderly care also adapts to these growing changes. In the past, the elderly were given special attention by family members as there were limited resources within the area and moving away was difficult. However, as technology advanced, these limitations were overcome. As a result, more and more opportunities were made available to people around the world. Besides, family members these days are busier than before and have little to no time to give elders, the special care they require.


2. Assistive Technology Is “One Size Fits All”

Just like the clothes we wear, Assistive Technology and devices vary from one senior to another, even if they have the same disability. Most Assistive Technology are personalised to cater to a senior’s specific needs and helps make life more bearable for them. That is why it’s crucial for seniors to be equipped with the proper Assistive Technology that helps them with their everyday needs.


3. Elder Care Providers Are No Longer Relevant Because Of Assistive Technology

While it’s right to say that Assistive Technology makes senior living significantly easier, they still can’t fully replace human eldercare providers who are trained to make elder care as holistic as possible.

Besides monitoring the health of elders and ensuring they are given special attention, elder care providers also give seniors, ample emotional support and social care that current Assistive Technology cannot provide.


4. Seniors Should Always Use Their Assistive Technology

Even though seniors requires the aid of Assistive Technology for the majority of the time, elders don’t need to use it 24/7.

Elders who exercise and eat a proper diet will be able to train their bodies to do activities without the help of Assistive Technology. This can help boost their self-confidence and increase their overall wellness.


Give your elders a good life

As our way of life and lifestyle changes because of global innovations, the way we take care of our elders should adapt to these changes as well. Taking care of our elders is a responsibility we must never forget and we must appreciate and understand how technology can be used to support elderly care in Singapore. These devices help us reach our full potential as a person in a highly globalised environment while ensuring that our elders are in safe hands and given special attention.