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Cassit Cooking Board

TEC Admin August 31, 2018

Top of the Casit Cooking Board 2

Cooking is an art. For many elderly adults cooking provides immense happiness. It is a way for them to keep their mind active. Kitchen is the place where they are most comfortable. Studies have shown that apart from the required nutrition cooking has many other mental benefits such as – social engagement, triggering memories, exercising the mind and emotional boost. Owing to these benefits, many healthcare providers suggest senior citizens to engage in cooking as a therapy to fight mental disorders like Alzheimer’s, ADHD and depression.

However, elders face their own challenges while cooking. They encounter difficulties especially if they have trouble with their vision. A study had concluded that poor kitchen design and declining functional capabilities are the reason for elders not being able to cook for themselves.

Cassit studio has designed a cooking board that can help elders to take up cooking as a regular activity which they can enjoy with the help of their caregivers or an elderly care provider. They design and manufacture customized products for individuals with disabilities and for the elderly. Cassit Studio places emphasis on usability, ergonomics and aesthetics, with the understanding that the rehabilitation process combines body and soul, and that every person has the right to live a life of independence, joy and dignity.

Woman Cooking

Cassit Cooking Board is designed for people with visual impairments and for people who use one hand. The lower part is coated with anti-slip material that prevents it from moving on the counter. At the top there is a dedicated space for spice jars fixed in the Board and can be opened using one hand. On the jars there is embossed lettering for the names of the spices.




Back of the Cooking Board                                                     Top of the Casit Cooking Board

In the center of the board there are food-grade stainless steel pins, which can be fixed on the vegetable, to cut and peel in one hand. On the right side there is a dedicated place for a quality knife and on the left a place for fixing a cup or bottle. The board is designed to be simple and easy cooking zone with a wide range of uses, with a dedicated location for each item to be found intuitively.

Seasoning Jars                Seasoning Jars with Cooking Board

Conclusion: Cassit cooking board comes as a device that can help elders cook  for themselves to keep them healthy, independent and entertained.