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Can robots help the elderly in their homes?

TEC Admin January 11, 2019

Modern-day technology is quickly shaping the way we live our daily lives. From smart-phones to the Internet, our way of living has vastly improved thanks to mankind’s thirst for evolving technology.

Yet in a constantly evolving word, we are still engaged in simple yet daily problems.


A constantly ageing society

One simple issue with the average man or woman’s daily life routine is taking care of their elderly. Singapore alone is considered the oldest society in Southeast Asia, which means most of the population’s workload include taking care of seniors.

Fortunately, modern technology can solve mankind’s everyday problems with robots. But can robots really help the elderly in their homes? Are they considered alternatives to people’s routine tasks?


Mind of the machines

Simply put, YES. Modern-day robots are now intelligent enough to assist our elderly. But can they completely replace humans as caretakers? Not quite.

Earth is quickly evolving into a digital world. It’s amazing how machines are replacing jobs in some parts of the world. Factory workers are replaced by automations, which is the similar case for cashiers and bridge toll collectors. But unlike the jobs mentioned, taking care of the elderly is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

Manufacturing elderly care robots is still at an early phase of creation. In modern films, sometimes we can see robots taking complete care of seniors and patients. It seems possible for that kind of future to exist, but not quite yet.

As of now, producing artificial intelligence seems to be the main focus for elderly care. Applications such as ElliQ are still growing to better fit the current trends for taking care of our seniors.

ElliQ is an artificial intelligence robot that focuses on cognitive autonomous decisions to help the elderly. This application is driven to assist the elderly by suggesting personalised activities, keeping family communication close, and giving access to online content without any hassle.

With artificial intelligence setting up the way for modern creation of elderly care robots, the need for more research and development is necessary. Because without a more refined artificial intelligence, machines are insufficient without it.


Mankind helping robots (and vice versa)

While our world is still gathering enough resources and research into building a machine-driven world, we can only adapt with what’s given to us. Modern-day robots designed to take care of the elderly exist (while some are in progress), but are only handy to an extent. Machines aren’t designed to do multiple complicated tasks at once; it’s simply too risky to achieve a futuristic world of machines taking over caretakers.

Despite the aforementioned, we are still fortunate enough to live in a world where technology helps us in taking care of our elderly. We still have a long way to go before robots take over our role of watching over our loved ones 24/7.

Robots can’t replace caretakers (yet). But with technology like surveillance systems, health monitors, and nursing devices, robots are here to assist us as long we help them too.