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Benefits of Assistive Technology Devices for Elders

TEC Admin October 12, 2018

Tech-Savvy Seniors: Benefits of Assistive Technology Devices for Elders

As we get older, our bodies become fragile and debilitated. Since the elderly easily get hurt and fall into illness, they often need the help of the younger generation to assist them. While this is a common practice worldwide, there are many elderly worldwide that don’t have anyone who could help them or don’t get enough assistance from health workers.

That’s why, with the continued rise of advanced technology, Assistive technology devices are becoming more and more important for the elderly to ensure their welfare and well-being.

How Assistive Technology Devices can help the elderly

In today’s practice, most elders are sent to care homes when they can no longer take care of themselves properly. Care homes often have the facilities needed to take care of the elderly, but with the growing number of elders every year, management and monitoring become a big problem for many adult care providers.

But a recent study by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) suggests that Assistive Technology can help the elderly maintain their health within the comfort their own homes for as long as possible. Assistive Technology can also help support elders with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Benefits of Assistive Technology devices for the elderly

Originally designed for children with disabilities, Assistive Technology Devices and telecare can also help support the welfare of elders across the globe. Here are just some ways these devices can help the elderly:

Remind the person to take their tablets at the right time – Elders with neurodegenerative diseases like dementia are prone to being forgetful and often absent-minded. Assistive Technology Devices can help them remember when they should drink their medicines to avoid faster neurological degradation and further complicating their sickness.

Orientate the person that it is daytime or nighttime – As elders become less aware of their surroundings, Assistive Technology Devices can help them remain oriented with their surroundings and keep them keep track of time.

Assist the person to phone a relative or friend using preprogrammed numbers or pictures – Assistive Technology devices can help keep elders in touch with loved ones that may be far away from them or help loved ones keep a close eye of their elders even when they are at work or out on a business trip.

Assists elders with simple day-to-day tasks – Elders often don’t have the attentive power they used to have when they were younger, so they often forget or disregard some simple day-to-day tasks like turning off the lights or turn off the Television. Assistive Technology Devices can take over small tasks like these to help alleviate the daily life of elders.

Support carers with their daily job – Taking care of elders is not an easy task, even for adult care personnel. Assistive Technology Devices can help support the work of carers to make it easier for them to pay more attention to their elderly without worrying about minor tasks.

Show Them Your Love

As we get older, let us not forget that o\sooner or later our parents will need out help and support. Let us show them that we care and love them by thinking of their welfare and health even when we are far away. There are many options for elderly care in Singapore and you’ll surely find an Assistive Technology Device will help support their daily needs even when you are not around.