Assisted Living


TEC Editor May 24, 2019

Hello, my golden-haired amigoes!
You seem to be enjoying dealing in with the technology plattered options available at the reach of your clicks and swipes, sitting at one place. Great and good for you. After all, it’s a tech-steered era, where one needs to be familiar with the technological propellants available on the road that is to be traversed. Here we are talking about the technologically innovative applications which can be accessed on your smartphones, tablets or computers; anytime and everywhere.

The name says it all. One can easily locate the parked position of the car by use of the augmented reality, 3D Google Maps and radar features of the application. Apart from this its New GPS Auto Track module helps you locate the distant car position by sitting at home. This attribute is of great use at times when the car gets stolen. Also, you are free from the tension of finding a parking zone, because this app will also help you locate a parking space for you. At a time this application can provide service for three cars. Apart from all this, it keeps a record of parked locations, it allows the sharing of parking position with contacts. To access all the features of this application, the person should have a Bluetooth in his/her car.


Lumosity is considered to be an ace cognitive training and brain game app. The fun and interactive games of this app help the elder refresh their grey cells every time they use it thus rejuvenating themselves. Out of its multiple games collections, there are 40 of them specially designed to trigger critical thinking, brainstorming and problem-solving skills in elders and other age groups too. This application is a sort of virtual gym for the brain where there are specially curated daily brain exercises, workout modes, training insights and more. The application is operational in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and Korean language.


At this age, music is a solace for the ageing heart and mind. And Pandora understands this fact to the core and hence brings forth a completely personalized music experience for its users. The more you spend time with Pandora, the more personalized it gets. The user can easily create and stream his/her own music station anytime and everywhere. The best part is your music rhythm does not get interrupted by unwanted ads.


Losing your iPhone or any Android device for that matter is not acceptable by us, because today these are the only medium which links us to our other activities and also the loved ones. So say goodbye to the stress and risk of losing your tech device by use of this application called “find my phone”. Its outstanding GPS service will track your lost or stolen iPhone or Android device with real-time location update. The map on this app then guides you to the device location.


Medication management had never been so easy until the existence of Pillboxie. The features of the app are as attractive as its name. One can easily schedule the medicine timings and also get alarmed in soothing sound for medicine dosage to be taken or get intimated when it gets skipped. It appears in soothing graphics and also does not need to depend on internet connectivity for its operations.


After spending the youth days of your life tolling the responsibilities on your shoulders, all you need now is a laid back relaxed easy to explore living options. And the above mentioned technological solutions are sure to succour the peculiar needs of the winter years of your life. So explore them, on the basis of your customized needs and rejoice with independence your today.