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How Can VR Combat The Challenges Of Ageing People

TEC Editor September 18, 2019

The old-age stage of individuals is often cataracted with loneliness and mobility issues which over a span of time tend to adversely affect the potential of individuals to age in place with grace. So to combat these elderly concerns, technology has empowered the life of seniors with benefits of virtual reality.

Over here,  let’s comprehend the means by which the VR can assist an elderly individual age with independence, confidence and comfort. You as the end-user or as a caregiver will also be introduced with the top corporates who have marked their name on the graph of VR market for elderly.

VR as a tool to train the elderly individuals

Considering the advancement in the field of technology, VR has come up as an effective solution for training the elderly individuals who are fall prone, by means of all modern games. For people with mild cognitive impairment or dementia, VR offers solutions which are more sensitive, ecologically valid and safe as compared to traditional computerized methods. Not only this, VR offers solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, accessible, and comprehensive. The training sessions for the elderly by means of VR engages the person from all sides and experiential, emotional, cognitive and behavioural angles. The learnings through this virtual reality training are well traced in the brain of the elderly people with the least chances of being subject to forgetfulness. Study says that in order to train and learn in an effective and natural manner it is essential for the whole body of the individual to come into learning mode. And this can only be attained by means of virtual reality. VR engages multiple learning systems of an individual at a time.


VR as a tool to combat social isolation

Virtual reality combats isolation and depression in elders, so as to rejuvenate their senses and make them more engaged in reality to society. Virtual reality can make an elderly person slouched on sofa seat dive deep into the ocean or hike the trances of a mountain or do paragliding, without moving from their seat. And as a result, the aged person is seen brimming with life like he travelled the world in reality. So irrespective of their mobility or body balance issues, the individuals can explore the places they always wished to or engage in real-life activities because of virtual reality.


Top four companies that have directed VR for the benefit of elders

Mynd VR

It believes and abides by the value of bringing the world of virtual reality to the life of older adults. It is making use of this cutting edge technology as a solution to combat the health challenges of the elderly.


Scotland’s first virtual reality company and the world’s first virtual reality social enterprise. It makes use of the best of all HTC Vive VR Headset to transform the life for good.


Relive, reconnect and reinspire are the three Rs justified by the tech-driven VR embossed solution by Rendever. The company provides the means by which the elderly individuals can move from the place they are into the place they want to be.

VR Genie

VR Genie is like a real-life genie for elderly people whom it helps to reach places they always wished for through its cutting edge technological solutions. It is run by Equality Labs which is a virtual reality-driven non-profit organization.

So we can see how virtual reality has modified and upgraded the lifestyle of the elderly people and helped them face any kind of personal or social pressure. No more lonely moments or moments of unfulfilled vacation or activity desires.