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5 ways elderly monitoring devices help seniors in their daily lives

TEC Admin January 25, 2019

Our seniors are getting older each day, which makes it harder for them to function in their daily tasks bit by bit. Modern technology is within our grasp, and we’re now able to use what’s best of our world’s greatest inventions. We should take advantage of advanced inventions by helping our seniors with the use of elderly monitoring devices.

How exactly are modern devices beneficial to our seniors and us? Here are a few ways different elderly monitoring devices can help our seniors in their daily lives.


  1. They can help our seniors even when they’re stationary

There are different kinds of monitoring devices for our elderly. One of them is the simple yet useful monitoring chair that is able to monitor different health parameters while the senior is resting. Since the elderly are usually required to rest most of the time, a monitoring chair is perfect for the stationary senior.

The monitoring chair is non-intrusive and easy to use. It provides the basic features of a resting chair, but with the added benefits of health monitoring. It’s fitted with motions sensors, while it measures heart and respiration rate.

This device captures health data that is transferred to your device and a cloud network. Even when you’re far away from home, you can check on your elderly through a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.


  1. You can analyse their health while they sleep

A senior is suggested to sleep as much as they need. With a monitoring device, you can analyse their health at any time during their sleep to make sure they’re uninterrupted. Devices such as the Beddit will let you track your senior’s sleep quality. Everything from their heart rate, snoring, and breathing can be tracked down.

The monitoring device is non-wearable, and is designed to feel malleable to avoid any discomfort during sleep. You will be able to track the senior’s sleep quantity while the device monitors any faults or mishaps in their sleep. Use this kind of device to ensure them safe sounding sleep every night.


  1. Keep your seniors monitored 24/7 without causing discomfort

Our elderly loved ones can be a bit cranky, or are maybe too sensitive to the touch. Advanced monitoring devices are designed to feel comfortable and hidden at all times, to make sure your elderlies are avoiding any discomfort.

Sensors like Flexosense, monitors the elderlies by identifying any anomalies in their health condition. It’s flexible, lightweight, and can be applied without causing any harm to the senior.


  1. Connect with them all the time in easiest way possible

Our seniors can find it harder to adapt to modern phones and computers. A monitoring robot might be the perfect device for elderly care, since it’s easy to use and 100% safe from causing harm.

The robot can provide phone and video calls, all while monitoring the senior virtually. It traverses carefully around the house, and has IR sensors to avoid into any bumping or collisions.

If your elderly needs to call you any time, the monitoring robot will assist them the safest way possible.


  1. Your senior’s health condition is always up to date

If you’re worried about any deficiency or disturbance in your senior’s health condition, monitoring devices will always analyse them in the most up-to-date fashion. This is crucial if you need to keep your patient’s health under constant supervision.

From their diet to respiratory breathing, a monitoring device can track a senior’s vital data. Keep them updated, and monitor your elderly loved ones to make sure they live a fruitful life on a daily basis.