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Convertible Walking Stick (SS-M)

Brand: Freshore.

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Walking stick that converts into full-size chair (Stainless steel size M).

  • High density foam-wrapped double handles increase surface area of contact with the hand.
  • Light weight. Can be picked up easily with just one hand.
  • The armrests can be used to support while sitting down or getting up
  • Self-locking screw ensures your safety in the event of high strength impact. It is no less solid than an ordinary chair.
  • The seat folds out into a full-size chair that has a much larger sitting area than conventional folding cane seats.
  • Highly comfortable while on the go outdoors with far less risk of falling or tipping over
  • Best anti-slip, wear-resistant material used for the rubber tips on the bottom
  • Comes with a 1-Year limited warranty against manufacturing and structural defects when used under standard conditions without deliberate shaking or other non-standard sitting positions and movements.
  • The warranty does not cover wear and tear and damage due to misuse or abuse.

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