Alert systems

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Lifestation Medical Alarm System

It is a wearable alert sytem through which elders can contact their caregivers in case of an emergency situation.

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Reminder Rosie
Reminder Rosie persoal voice reminder

Reminder Rosie is all here to shield the individuals from the challenges of memory loss. This is an elderly friendly hands-free, inexpensive, voice-con...

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Freedom Alert
Freedom Alert 911

Freedom alert 911 is a unique two-way voice communication pendant for the elderly who live alone or are independent. This two-way speakerphone has a Pe...

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GPS Smart Pendant

The first of its kind smart alert pendant available for seniors who are often at the risk of fall or who are at the risk of being lost.

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GPS tracker

keychain/Pendant GPS trackers for elders. can also be used by others

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Fall detector

An automatic fall detector that comes with both fall detection and help button.

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Fall detection device

It makes use of radio waves to detect falls